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Finding artists and makers inspired by the same design principles and aesthetics as our own is always an exciting and shareable event!  Alyssa, our Design Assistant, first discovered Studiopatró at last year’s West Coast Craft exhibition and she immediately fell in love with the quality of work in their products.  Located in the San Francisco

Besides an adventurous entree and a restrained glass of pinot, a great restaurant should offer a helping of design inspiration. Designers are known for losing their food focus when the interiors are in need of an update so to discover a restaurant with an exciting menu and a well designed space is something we had

Interior design and fashion are never far from each other and the most recent New York Fashion Week was proof.  While watching the runway shows, we spotted a few fashion trends that could translate into beautiful and modern styles for our clients’ homes.  From patchwork to shades of citrus, here our top three themes from New

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or a remote employee to work from home anymore.  In fact, the majority of our clients need a dedicated space in their homes to concentrate and complete projects.  In the past, the home office was often a dreaded room of bulky office chairs, tangled wires, and a defunct