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Design inspiration can and should come from many sources. One constant source for our design team is the beauty and complexity of the natural landscapes of Northern California. From the oyster filled waters in Marin County to the sunset ridges of Half Moon Bay, there are shapes, textures, and colors on display in so many

Father figures come into our lives from the very beginning or sometimes join us along the way. Having a loving and supportive Dad is certainly reason to celebrate so why not show your appreciation with a little style. Say goodbye to cartoon inspired ties and value packs of golf tees and check out these modern

We first saw them on the 1990’s tv drama Ally McBeal but they are gaining greater popularity these days and many have become sources of design creativity.  I’m talking about gender neutral bathrooms.  It’s rare to discover a public restroom that could be called inspiring but some of the designs for gender neutral bathrooms have

Finally, design week right in my own backyard!  This week San Francisco is buzzing with the celebration, discussion, and showcasing of the wide ranging innovations in the field of design.  We’re not just talking about interior design.  Design week focuses on the larger concept of design from technology and graphic design to architecture and furniture