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  San Francisco is a booming city. From start-ups to tech giants as well as small businesses and restaurants, the commercial growth of this city cannot be underrated.  While so many new ideas are being dreamt and built, the spaces in which those ideas are born are just as important to these companies.  It’s inspiring

Kitchens are the gathering place of a home. You can set a perfect table but the stories and the laughter are usually loudest in the kitchen as food comes out of the oven and wine bottles are opened. So keeping a kitchen’s fresh look is something to be prioritized. Our Los Angeles designer, Taylor Tanimoto,

Palo Alto Interior Designers

Building on our healthy home post, we wanted to share some of our favorite sources for eco-friendly furniture and accessories.  We believe that health, happiness, and home are interconnected and it’s easier than ever to combine style and sustainability.  Here are some design tips and producers of environmentally minded decor that we love. Reclaimed Wood