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After a recent inspirational shopping trip at the San Francisco Design Center, we’ve got fabric fever. There are a lot of new designs and fabrics that caught our eye and we have been dreaming up all the ways we can use these textiles in our upcoming design projects. If you’ve been thinking about refreshing a

Feeling lost as to how to spruce up a room in your home?  Not sure how to incorporate that treasured antique that seems out of place? Want to turn your Pinterest boards into more than just virtual corkboards?  We know it can be tough to style your own home so we’re sharing some of our

  I’m sure you know by now that we love Napa Valley.  Sonoma and Napa are our favorite weekend getaway spots but there’s another wine region that is often overlooked in Northern California. It’s the Santa Cruz Mountains. I know what you’re thinking, Santa Cruz is a sleepy little college town filled with hemp clothing.

That chilly fog descending on San Francisco can only mean one thing, it’s summertime in the Bay Area!  While you may be breaking out the sweaters and blankets, we have a place that will get you into a tropical state of mind:  Anina.  Anina opened in March in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.