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    Happy Holidays from Coddington Design

    December 18, 2021
    Happy Holidays! We’ve reached the end of 2021, and I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty good about it. It was a year full of highs and lows (and I’m frankly a little happy to have it behind us…

    Meet Our Sister Company: Sungrown Studio

    December 10, 2021
    Most people don’t know this about us, but we have a sister company. Her name is Sungrown Studio, and she is just as style-forward as Coddington Design. She also creates interiors that are supportiv…

    Interior designers, please stop doing these 5 things to your employees!

    December 9, 2021
    I remember the first time my boss made me cry.  I had worked hard on a successful submission to design a room for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase.  The big first meeting was coming up that eve…

    7 Gift Ideas from BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & Women-Led Businesses

    December 3, 2021
    I believe that the best way to live, work, and yes, shop, is to align our values with our actions. For me, that means celebrating diversity, choosing community over competition, creating work-life …

    Is a She Shed Your Next Gift to You?

    November 26, 2021
    Do you ever feel the need to escape your home for an hour or two? Maybe avoid the kids, get some work done, or escape your partner’s “music” coming through the surround sound? If so, you need a She…

    5 Tips for Stunning Staircases

    November 19, 2021
    Staircases are more than just a passageway from one floor to another. They can welcome and wow you when you get home each day, set the tone of your home, and make it feel unique. But there’s more t…

    How to Pick Art & When You Should

    November 12, 2021
    Art is personal. It tells a story, evokes emotions, and sparks memories. You can even look at the same piece on a different day or a different year and perceive a whole new meaning or emotion from …

    Designing a Home You’ll Love to Share Year ‘Round

    November 5, 2021
    Have you ever walked into a designer home and felt like you were entering a museum? You anticipated a nervous “Don’t touch that!” as you tiptoed around to find a seat (probably an uncomfortable one…

    4 Reasons Your Home Is Never Done & What to Do About It

    October 15, 2021
    You may or may not love your home, but how long is your home’s to-do list? Does it feel like updates, fixes, and organizational projects are never-ending? Do you get a thrill when you cross somethi…

    Family-Friendly Sectionals Worth the Price Tag

    October 8, 2021
    You’re sitting on the sofa with your favorite glass of red, when suddenly your lovable pooch hurdles into you. You watch in slow motion as the wine sloshes up the side of your glass, over the rim, …

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