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Characteristics of the “Colorful Creative” Design Style


Nowadays, it seems like everyone is playing it safe with neutrals and understated color palettes. But not us. This month, we’re taking a walk on the wild side and exploring a more daring approach to design. In our style quiz, we refer to this look as Colorful Creative. But what does that really mean?

This bold and confident style is all about infusing your space with bright hues and cheerful patterns. Think statement-making wallpaper, a luxurious and colorful sofa, or a bold piece of artwork that demands attention. If color is calling your name, we encourage you to embrace it. The result? Spaces that exude happiness, personality, and vitality.

If you’re ready to push the boundaries of color… this one’s for you.

Coddington-bay-area-board and batten-elegant-interiors-velvet-purple-dining table-navy-drapery

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

1. Simple Shapes & Silhouettes

You might think colorful interiors lack elegance, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We love to balance simple shapes and silhouettes with vibrant and bold colors. This juxtaposition exudes sophistication and confidence, while leaving space for the bright colors to pop. Take it a step further and incorporate luxurious textiles like velvet, wool, or silk for a comfort and shine.


2. Bold & Confident Colors

Color psychology is real. It’s a well-known fact that vibrant colors have the ability to energize and uplift your mood, while cooler tones naturally evoke peace and calm. The same is true for your interiors. The secret? Select colors that reflect your unique personality and preferences. Ask yourself, how do you want to feel in your home?

If you’re ready to infuse bold color into your space, selecting paint is the most cost-effective option. (Not sure where to start? We’ll show you.) But it doesn’t have to stop there. Furnishings, area rugs, accessories, and draperies offer great opportunities to incorporate vibrant hues that create the emotions you want to feel in each space.


Photographer: Lauren Edith Anderson

3. Cheerful Patterns in Moderation

Who says you have to go full-blown maximalist to rock the Colorful Creative style? You don’t. Sometimes, a great pattern is all you need to liven up your space. To keep things balanced, we will use a pop of color on the walls or a statement pattern, but never both. It’s important that there’s only one focal point; otherwise, the elements will compete instead of complement each other.

That said, we love incorporating cheerful patterns whenever possible. Whether on custom upholstery, window coverings, or eye-catching wallpaper, these pops of pattern effortlessly infuse a light-hearted and happy vibe that will make you smile.


Photographer: David Duncan Livingston (Left) | Vivian Johnson (Right)

Have you taken our Style Quiz?

Are you ready to try a bold, vibrant color on your next project? Or maybe you prefer neutrals? If you’re still unsure of your signature style, have some fun and take our style quiz here.

Once you’ve discovered your style, you can reach out to us to discuss how we can help you bring your vision to life. Whether your result is colorful, modern, elegant, or a mix, we’re here to help you create something truly unique and personal.



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