The Bay Area has always been a hub for artists but rarely do textile artists get their due in the portfolio of San Francisco.  Seema Krish is a Potrero Hill textile designer whose work is among our favorite for its feeling of vibrancy and playful patterns.  Seema was born in Bombay, studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and now makes her home in San Francisco.  The influence of location and culture can be felt in her work with the richness of India and the energy of Manhattan showing up in her color palettes and her prints. A few years ago, I heard Seema present on her technique.  She noted that all her designs are first developed in her San Francisco studio where she uses paint to capture the images.  She then partners with artists in Bangalore who create the textiles with various practices such as weaving and hand block prints.

Seema’s style is found at the intersection of modern and traditional.  Studying and researching traditional artisan techniques, she is able to creatively merge the past with the complexities of modern urban life. We’ve chosen some of our favorite fabrics from her collection below.  We love the textual elements she creates through the use of embroidery and the well balanced color combinations that make her fabrics so versatile.  Seema’s work is thoughtful, fun, and energetic.  Check out more of her collection here!


Union Square in Hudson Indigo: Part of the New York, NY collection. Technique: hand block print and embroidery.


Chelsea in Metropolitan Gray: Part of the New York, NY collection. Technique: Weaving.


Chowpatty in Hathi Gray: Part of the Bombay Bliss collection. Technique is hand block print and hand embroidery


Empire Stripe in Liberty Blue: Part of the New York Story.  Technique: Hand block print.


Manhattan in Central Park Green: Part of the New York, NY collection.  Technique: embroidery.


Worli in Kesar Orange: Part of the Bombay Bliss collection. Technique: hand block printing and hand embroidery.

Guildery Seema Krish

Textile line for Guildery by Seema Krish