Summer is almost here!  The long, warm days of summer mean it’s time to fire up the grill, spruce up your outdoor space, and outfit your home for your favorite summer activities.  We’ve been designing a ton of outdoor spaces for our clients right now so we rounded up a few of our favorite summer items that can be easily added to an existing design or spark a design direction for a new vacation home.  

Nothing says summer like teak.  It’s the perfect material for outdoor furniture because it endures the weather elements and over time it ages into a beautiful silvery gray color.  Teak has a lightness to it in color and texture and that creates a casual and welcoming environment.  


Thomas Lavin: Haut Brion Lounge Chair


Thomas Lavin: Haut Brion Sofa

Janus et Cie 4/09

Janus et Cie: Vitali Lounge Chair

While lightweight wood is a popular summer material, if it’s not your thing there are plenty of fiber options. Woven fibers are another great choice for summer designs.  These materials are often just as weather resistant as wood and they can range from traditional to modern depending on your personal style and the existing design of your space.  If you’re looking for an area to experiment with color and pattern, the fabrics and accent pieces for outdoor furniture is a safe place to start exploring bolder design schemes.  There are also outdoor rugs that are available in woven designs which are made of materials meant to withstand the natural elements and high traffic areas of outdoor spaces.


Link Outdoor : Ripple


Link Outdoor: Tweedish


Perennials Fabrics: Geez-Louise


Perennials Fabrics: Grass Cloth


Loloi: Isle Collection


Loloi: Newport Collection

Whether you’re poolside all weekend or enjoying a quick evening meal in your outdoor space, a grill is essential.  Don’t overlook the grill as an outdated, necessary evil for summer fun. Grills have come a long way in terms of technology and design.  There are the traditional shapes and sizes and also more modern, design-focused models that can be centerpieces themselves.  So grab yourself a frozen margarita and prepare your home for a season of sun, friends, and beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy them in.  


Caliber Grill


Lynx Smart Grill