When the team in our San Francisco office needs a lunch break, we often head over to Piccino in the nearby neighborhood known as the Dogpatch in San Francisco.  Not only is the food worth the walk but the interior and exterior of the building create such a captivating contrast of two styles that we often find ourselves satiated on design.

The exterior of the building that houses Piccino is easy to spot.  Covered in a coat of bright yellow paint, the large Victorian house dates back to the 1850s.  While the outside of the building remains an homage to the history of the neighborhood, the interior has a very modern design.  Inside Piccino you’ll be greeted by a rustic element of exposed white rafters, oak floors, and warm wood details.  The provincial theme is successfully balanced with modern design through the use of modern furniture including Eames chairs and barstools, ball pendant lighting, and long communal tables.  

Furthering the contemporary design, Piccino creates a welcoming environment through its use of space.  With high ceilings and seating around two sides of the open kitchen, diners get a feeling of openness and conviviality while also being able to view the action in the kitchen.  A glass wall fronted by a dining counter allows patrons to peek at racks of clothing in the adjacent store while enjoying lunch.  Warm vibrant colors in the interior add to the sense of neighborhood that is prized in this small section of a once highly industrialized area.  Piccino also has a cafe adjacent to its restaurant where you can also pick up some design inspiration with your afternoon latte.

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