After a recent inspirational shopping trip at the San Francisco Design Center, we’ve got fabric fever. There are a lot of new designs and fabrics that caught our eye and we have been dreaming up all the ways we can use these textiles in our upcoming design projects. If you’ve been thinking about refreshing a room, adding new accent pillows, or going bold with a reupholstery job, these are the fabrics you will want.

Casamance – Paradisiaca
We love the tropical foliage theme that has recently emerged but the painterly quality of this pattern elevates this print to another level. The mixture of vibrant and earthy greens, touches of teal, and plenty of white and gray make it completely versatile. We recommend it for throw pillows in a beige, white, or neutral colored space or brighten up your window treatments with this fun pattern.

Jim Thompson – Mid-Century
The name and design inspiration of this fabric is a hat-tip to the artists of the abstract expressionist period. Their freedom with paint, color, and texture are captured in the bold pattern and saturated colors of this fabric. With such a varied palette of blues, greens, yellows, reds, and oranges, this pattern can transition seamlessly throughout the seasons.

Casamance – Croisette Roux
Looking to add a bit of glam to your home? Let me introduce you to Croisette Roux. Rich color options including copper, deep navy, maroon, slate, and golden yellow paired with a metallic abstract geometric pattern overlay make for a vibrant and visually stunning fabric. Accent pillows with this fabric will easily mix sophistication with comfort in any space.


Mark Alexander – Cezanne
These striped designs were hand-painted to capture the unique quality in brushstrokes. Then the pattern was printed to translate the design into a printed linen. Soft jewel tones and muted neutrals make this the perfect fabric for any existing color scheme. From accent colors to centerpieces, this fabric won’t hold you back as you create a modern and energetic design.

Pollack – Color Field
Slightly more ordered than a Pollock painting, this fabric is full of color and texture. Multicolor wool thread gives the fabric a tactile sense. The color combinations of soft and deep blues, burnt yellow and white are playful and bright and the darker color option of poppy and midnight bloom are just as visually exciting. We recommend these fabrics in any room that needs to infuse its interior design with a pop of texture.

Osborne and Little – Carnival
Need an update from your typical stripe or chevron? The Carnival fabric melds elegant with fun. It offers bright and unexpected color combinations with scalloping detail. This fabric gives us vibes of Missoni, the Italian fashion house, and feels just as sophisticated. We would love to see floor cushions upholstered in this fabric or a bench for a bit of a retro feel.