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7 Gift Ideas from BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & Women-Led Businesses


I believe that the best way to live, work, and yes, shop, is to align our values with our actions. For me, that means celebrating diversity, choosing community over competition, creating work-life balance, and always blending function and beauty.

It won’t lie to you. When it comes to holiday shopping, Amazon has its appeal. It’s fast and easy. Prime is like that friend who always has your back. But while I’m okay with ordering office supplies and toilet paper the easy way, it doesn’t feel quite right for things like special holiday gifts. 

Instead, I would rather support small businesses that share my values. These purchases not only support our fellow entrepreneurs, but change the marketplace. 

“When we intentionally support underrepresented groups (or underrepresented ideals, like sustainability), we help solidify their place in the market. The more of these businesses in the marketplace, the louder their voices.”

Before long, this will hopefully lead to these groups and ideals being equally represented and valued. And all that from a few purchases? Yup. That’s my vision anyway, and the gift ideas I’m sharing with you today all support this hope for a diverse, inclusive future. 

So whether you’re spreading Christmas cheer, Hanukkah happiness, Diwali joy (belatedly), or human kindness all year ‘round, here are 7 gift ideas from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. Perfect for the fellow leaders in your life or your own badass self. 

7 Gift Ideas for Passionate Leaders

1. Balance Wellness Drops by Brown Girl Jane

What ambitious leader (be it at home, work, or out in the world) couldn’t use more balance in their life? Balance Wellness Drops are Brown Girl Jane’s best-selling CBD tincture. It clears away all the extra noise in your head, allowing you to be fully present. We also love Brown Girl Jane because they are a BIPOC, female-led company that prioritizes women’s wellness, quality ingredients, and accessibility for all. (You can also support them with a follow on Instagram.)

2. Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner Starter Pack by Good Vibes

Everyone’s gotta clean. (Or at least have their house cleaned.) This plant-based, all-purpose cleaner from Good Vibes is the perfect family-friendly gift. The cleanser comes in unique healthy fragrances like frankincense and myrrh, Nag Champa, and sandalwood. When you give Good Vibes Starter Pack, you also support a black-owned business and introduce a safer home (and good vibes) into your giftee’s life.

3. Recycled Gold Diamond Earrings by Automic Gold

Classic diamond earrings… but make them reincarnated. Automic Gold is a non-binary-owned business that uses reclaimed materials to create versatile jewelry that goes beyond the confines of traditional gender roles. You can’t go wrong gifting these delicate diamond earrings.

4. Mulled Wine Kit by Pink House Alchemy

This Mulled Wine Kit is perfect for adding some cheer into a cozy winter night with friends and family. Wrap up this kit with your favorite Red Blend, and you not only have a thoughtful gift to share, you’re making their next event easier. Fun Fact: Pink House Alchemy is an LGBTQ+ owned business that got its start at a farmers market.

5. Match Cloche by Lockwood

Having a special container for matches often goes overlooked, but it is an excellent addition to a fireplace mantel or bathroom countertop for those coveted candle-lit baths after a long day. We also love Lockwood (an LGBTQ+ owned business) for the rest of their thoughtfully sourced artisan home goods. For example, pair the Match Cloche with sculptural candles to complete your gift.

6. Malmö Glassware by Karen Jai Home

We are crushing hard on these pink and gold hand-blown glasses to elevate the everyday drinking experience. (Even if it’s just water, everyone deserves fine glassware, right?) This stylish gift is a great way to celebrate 2021 accomplishments and say hello to 2022. Plus, Karen Jai Home is a black-owned, female-led business that curates luxury home accessories you can feel good about buying. 

7. Cozy, Cheeky Sweatshirt by Karen Jai Home

This sweatshirt is speaking our love language. Also by Karen Jai Home, it comes in a wide variety of inclusive sizes and has matching joggers you can purchase to complete the set. After all, what busy leader doesn’t love to wind down in comfy clothes? Exactly.

8. The Gift of Design

Okay, this list was only supposed to include 7, but what else can you get for the busy leader in your life? The gift of a home that supports their lifestyle and work-life balance. Gift your partner, friend, or family member a design consultation to help them get started. You can reach out to us here to arrange it. Prepare to be showered in their eternal gratitude. 😉





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