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Hacks to Hide the Mess

We all had a beautiful, clutter free living room/dining room/ kitchen island before the covid togetherness started. And… we fell off the rails pretty quick. (No, interior designers are not immune to kid messes, sadly.) Time to bring back the days of walking barefoot across the floor without Lego injuries.
Don’t worry, we’ve got some quick, budget friendly fixes to help you make it happen.

DIY Clutter Purges

Yes, you really do need to go through the stuff causing the mess before buying tons of storage furniture. But, you really don’t have to contemplate whether something sparks joy or not. A better gauge of when to say goodbye might be:

  • When was the last time my kid played with this/ does it still work?
  • Will it fit into a cute basket or bin and if so will [child/spouse] still use it?
  • Is this a family heirloom or super sentimental & if so, is this really the best place for it?
  • How much joy will I spark by getting rid of this junk?

Focus & Pick a Lane

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your clutter issue. It’s really important to focus on one room or space at a time. The former living room? The kitchen island or maybe even the kids play room if you’re feeling brave. Getting frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted isn’t going to help. Call in reinforcements if needed and only if they will actually be an asset to your cleanup.

The Right Basket for the Job

There are millions of storage solutions out there. Baskets, bins, totes and towers. Here are a few specific problem solvers out there that will help you combat the toys and school supply mess.

For small stuff. Everywhere

Small toys like lego’s, blocks, dinosaurs and shopkins can live in a sweet looking basket like this. It comes with an attached play mat to dump them out on the floor while playing and scoops everything up easily when you want to walk on the floor again.

Flash Cards / Card Games

Sick of losing cards everywhere here is a great way to keep it together. This also works well for gaming chips/board game pieces etc. . A few zip pencil cases and a basket you can tuck away.

Big Toys = Big Pretty Storage

Need to hide the bigger stuff before the inlaws arrive for dinner? Stash it all in a pretty ottoman & shut the lid. These ottomans also can house books/puzzles & games.

How We Roll

This school supply cart is especially helpful if your student moves from room to room to do various projects. Wheel it into their room for homework or to the kitchen table for art time. Multiple levels hold it all together and keep it clean.

Taking a few tiny steps & inexpensive purchases to declutter and make storage pretty will help you reclaim your space (and sanity) and make clean up time go faster and smoother for everyone. We can help you!

Looking to have a professional help you revamp your space? Book a free Discovery Call with a designer to see how we can work with you to create the look you’re after. Not sure what your look is? Take our Style Quiz and put a name to what you love.


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