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HELP! My Spouse and I have Different Styles

Image credit: Credit: Dischinger/ Lubomirski, NY

Are you seeing just how different you and your partner may be when it comes to design during these extra close Covid times? Is everyone working from home simultaneously? Here are some top issues & questions we hear from our clients AND our tricks to solve.

“She likes global and I like mid century modern? Who wins?”

Everyone’s a winner. Why choose one? We love this example of global/boho and mid century modern mix. The deep wall color becomes a rich background for both modern art and woven textiles. Sometimes if you look at pieces alone, it’s hard to see how they could work with pieces of another style. Put them all together (don’t forget the accessories) with rich neutrals and the compromise becomes a beautiful space. This is a great tip for mixing any styles btw.

“This was my Aunt Jane’s favorite chair & she gave it to me. We’re keeping it.”

Deciding to keep or donate items is a huge pain point between couples. Take a look closely at the bones or lines of the piece. Is it worth saving? Could it work? What if it were in a better fabric or finish? It’s a great idea to make friends with an upholsterer & refinisher. Check yelp, ask friends or call a designer for a reference. Some of our favorite pieces are family antiques saved with a new fabric.

Credit: Coddington Design/San Francisco Bay Area

“I’m tired of moving 50 pillows to go to bed. How can we make it look great without the hassle?”

We have some good news for you. You’re not wrong. The days of a million decorative pillows are gone. The current style is using just a few decorative pillows or neck rolls. Duvets are now uncomplicated and less fussy. Browse through Matteo LA and you will see the shift to a more natural, relaxed look. We dressed this master bed with a simple, natural blanket and a few neckrolls.

Credit: Coddington Design/San Francisco Bay Area Bedroom

You’re trying to make it work but you just can’t see eye to eye? Maybe it’s time to hire a professional interior designer to help you both manage the project and guide the decisions. We love working with families to create a design everyone loves. A great place to start is by taking our Style Quiz. Have your partner take it too! Then book a free Discovery Call with a designer & learn how we can help you.


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