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How We’re Redefining Luxury Interior Design

What comes to mind when you hear the words “luxury interior design?” Maybe you picture a grand atrium in a five-star hotel. Or a museum-style home à la Downton Abbey. It’s precious, untouchable, and made for looking, not for living.

At Coddington, we have an entirely different approach to luxury interior design. Let me count the ways…

1. Luxury interior design is personal.

Luxury interior design is about what you love, which is why we never push our own styles on you. We take the time to deeply explore your wants and needs, so we can elevate your style to designer-level heights. But it’s still yours.

This process starts with you taking our Style Quiz. This is a fun and easy way to help us begin to discover your desired aesthetic. You may already know what you love and, just as important, what you dislike, or you might be surprised by what you discover. (Like this couple from the Piedmont Project.)

We’ll also guide you in making your style feel personal and timeless — even if that means incorporating a trend or two that you love (see 2022 Interior Design Trends here). There is always a way to make your home feel fresh yet classic.

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

2. Luxury interior design is about the experience.

It’s not just about lookin’ good. It’s also about comfort and functionality. You could have the most beautiful furniture in the world, but if it isn’t enjoyable to sit in, you won’t use the space. Likewise, you could have comfortable furniture, but if the flow of the room feels awkward or the scale is off, your experience will be equally off-putting.

This is why all of our projects start with a functional, customized space plan and include furnishing selections that we trust for comfort. Because luxury is living in a setting that supports your fast-paced lifestyle.

Photographer: Vivian Johnson

3. Luxury interior design is about quality & peace of mind.

Remember those college days when everyone owned that flimsy IKEA sofa? Didn’t last long, did it? The truth is, cheap furniture won’t cut it when it comes to high traffic and daily wear and tear. And in addition to the comfort factor (shared above), luxury also means the peace of mind that your pieces will last.

We use our connections to source custom or high-end retail furnishings that will last for years without sagging, warping, or staining. In case you’re curious about our favorite places to shop, we clearly have a lot to say on the subject…

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

4. Luxury interior design is accessible.

That’s right — we’re making luxury interior design accessible through our Online Design Service, available nationwide. This service gives you access to our experienced luxury designers for whatever size project you need. Most design firms only take on full-home projects, so this is a unique opportunity to work with a luxury interior designer wherever you’re located. (Don’t you love technology?)

Here’s a quick breakdown of what it can include, as tailored to your project and needs:

It all begins with our Style Quiz. To get started, take the quiz and reach out through our contact page. We can’t wait to bring all of these elements of luxury interior design to you.




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