Interior Design Investment Guide

Budget your furnishings, calculate interior design fees, and start creating a home that supports your family & lifestyle.

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    Tired of second-guessing the items you bring into your home?

    (And not really sure how to bring a cohesive design together?)

    As a high-achieving leader, you dream of a home where you can unplug from work, connect with your family, and relax. But your home goals keep riding the backseat to…

    • Your demanding schedule & precious leisure time
    • Difficulty creating a design that balances beauty, function & timelessness
    • Inability to refine or elevate your style how you envision
    • Confusion over which furnishings are smart investments (& which aren’t)

    So many high-powered leaders postpone the home of their dreams, simply because the design industry is overwhelming.

    What if we told you that the right knowledge and expert guidance are all you need to design a striking home filled with pride & mental peace?

    …and that time won’t be a factor?
    Meet our mindful & transparent

    Interior Design Investment Guide

    Discover hard-to-find answers to questions like…

    • What is the cost of furnishing a home around SF and LA?
    • How much does it cost to furnish a living room? (Or other room)
    • How can I create a budget for an interior design project?
    • What is the best way to calculate interior design fees?

    Calculate Your Costs

    Get exclusive access to…

    Tables of Furnishing Estimates

    Explore per-item estimates for furnishings in 2 price points: retail and high-end retail/custom (kid- and pet-proof fabrics, quality…).

    Interior Design Budget Examples

    Gauge the range of your overall furnishings budget by referencing the “high” and “low” investments provided for each room type in your home.

    Interior Designer Cost Estimates

    Interior design fees shouldn’t be a mystery! Review our transparent breakdown of design fees by project type—and what’s included.

    Editable Furniture Budget Spreadsheet

    Download our Google spreadsheet and start personalizing a budget for your interior design project and your ultimate goals.
    “I’ve worked with [Coddington Design] off and on for almost 5 years, with our most recent project involving a year-long remodel of my San Francisco house. The end result is not only gorgeous, but it is efficient.”
    Dina T., San Francisco

    By now, you’re probably wondering, “Who exactly is sharing this exclusive Investment Guide?”

    We’re Coddington Design, a full-service interior design firm founded on collaboration, transparency, high standards, and blending function with beauty. Our clients inspire us daily, and it is our true privilege to design turnkey homes that support their amazing lives.

    Some of our favorite clients have included kick-ass Hollywood producers passionate about bringing female voices to the silver screen, female founders, charitable women who give freely of their time and money, stay-at-home-moms who teach their children values of kindness and generosity, working moms who get up early to enjoy baking in their gorgeous kitchens or crushing it on the Peloton.

    For over 15 years, our all-women team has helped high-achievers like you create the homes of their dreams.


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    Senior Designer


    Project Manager/Designer

    Ready for a home that brings you elevated comfort, luxury & fulfillment?

    Our Interior Design Investment Guide is perfect for you if you want to…

    • Stop procrastinating the home of your dreams
    • Invest wisely in furnshings that will weather the storm of time, kids, or pets
    • Enjoy spaces that feel like a natural extension of you, your family, and your lifestyle
    • Feel proud and at ease in the place you call home

    Our Interior Design Investment Guide is not for you if you…

    • Don’t care about the aesthetics of your home
    • Have no interest in investing in furniture in the future
    • Are content with the interior design you have now
    “Taylor helped us make changes that had a major impact on not only the design, but the way our house looks and feels. It feels like us now – our home.”
    Gillian H., Los Angeles