The restaurant scene in Los Angeles is vibrant and competitive with some of the longest reservation lists you’ve ever begrudgingly added your name to.  So when we discovered Kismet, in the Los Feliz neighborhood, we loved their daytime walk-in only policy almost as much as we loved their interior design. This Middle Eastern restaurant influenced by California cuisine boasts a colorful menu paired with minimalist design.  From the Turkish breakfast to the simplicity of the space, we left satiated and inspired.  

The façade of Kismet is subtle with a two-tone gray color scheme and a neon sign displaying the restaurant’s name. Stepping inside, you are greeted with a bright and energetic minimalist interior.  Blond woods and white furniture fill the space while pendent lighting provides a soft, clean light.  The semi-open kitchen provides its communal feeling within a space that is narrow and cozy.  

Plywood chairs, benches, and tables with white metal accents deliver a sense of simplicity and lightness to the room.  The built-in wood benches extend across the entire length of the restaurant while horizontal wood paneling extends part way up the walls and echoes into the ceiling. Although the design exercises restraint, it is not without its playful elements such as rose napkins by Claire Hungerford and ceramic dishes by Heidi Levi. If springtime finds you in Los Angeles, make a stop at Kismet for a delicious brunch and a beautifully designed space.  


(Photos: Joshua White)