Last month, we took a look at some of our favorite commercial interior design spaces in San Francisco.  This month we wanted to explore the Southern California version of creative office space and we rounded up a few of our favorite Los Angeles creative office interior designs. Similar to San Francisco, LA is experiencing a business boom and they know that beautiful environments and innovative spaces help attractive the top talent.  Here are three companies we think are doing a fantastic job of building enviable offices.  


Fullscreen is a leader in social entertainment with a focus on videos and content creation for brand building. Their office space is itself beautifully branded with a focus on sparking inspiration amongst employees and highlighting the community they have created over the years. The main lounge area showcases a centralized theater on a pivoting screen.  Filming takes place throughout the space and a myriad of colors act as backdrops and room dividers including blue, yellow, gray, and cooper.  

Avery Dennison

It’s not just tech companies that build modern and design-centric workplaces.  Avery Dennison is the global packaging and labeling company and their offices are bright and contemporary. Trading in individual offices for groups workstations, glass meeting rooms, and lounge spaces, the design focuses on being open and team-oriented. Detailed finishes and creative ceiling designs bring a playful attitude this commercial space.  Stadium bleachers make for a perfect all-hands meeting space while a digitized portrait of founder R. Stanton Avery greets visitors in the lobby. The red color matches their product branding and the company’s 80 year history makes it impressive in mission and design.

C.I.M. Group

C.I.M. Group is a real estate investment and development company with a three-story office located in Los Angeles. The interior design of their headquarters was created for both their clients and their employees.  The first floor has a luxurious feel with the elegant use of a muted palette, clean lines, warm wood, and marble slabs used on the walls of the main corridor. The upper levels focus on the employees with an open staircase between floors, glass conference rooms, and neutral furniture lending a quiet and streamlined design that reflects similar elements from the first floor.