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Los Angeles Interior Designers

At Coddington Design, our Los Angeles designers are trained professionals who can walk into a space and know what works and what does not. We enjoy helping you make your ideas a reality and will work with you to do so. Your vision becomes our design.

What We Do

Our Los Angeles interior designers and interior decorators work with you throughout the creative process at any level of detail you require. Whether you want to be consulted day-by-day or occasionally is entirely up to you.  We will work with you to provide comprehensive guidance in the areas you choose. We can show you a number of options or simply construct a solution based on the details you provide.

Whether you are remodeling an existing home or constructing a new one, our services will ensure that you end up with the exact style and quality of interior design that you desire. From concept to installation, we will be working with you every step of the way to ensure that you are left with something that reflects who you are, what you love, and how you live.

The first thing our Los Angeles interior designers do is to work with you to determine your needs and wishes. They look at what you want to be done and, if we are working with existing furniture, identify positive attributes of the space as well as potential issues.

The next step is a design plan based on all the information you’ve given our interior designer. In addition to this plan, is an estimate of costs. Our designer will discuss the plan and costs with you in full, and make revisions as necessary.

Once the design is finalized, our designer sets about detailing materials, finishes, and furnishings that are required by the design. If it is new construction, our designer will submit drawings for approval by a construction inspector. This step, required on new construction, ensures that the interior design meets all Los Angeles building codes.

After the design and budget are finalized, our Los Angeles interior designer coordinates a timeline for your project and oversees the installation of all design elements. This will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the designer’s part of the job.

Why Choose One of Our Los Angeles Interior Designers/Decorators?

We understand that everyone has a style and we know how to work with you to achieve your design goals. Our designers are able to adapt to your preferences and to make them work.

Our designers enjoy sharing their portfolios with you, allowing you to see what they’ve created for others.  If you have a budget in mind, our designers will show you what they can do within that budget. If you have something specific in mind and need a design and budget, they will work with you to develop both.

Our designers love questions, so ask away.  The more questions you ask the better we understand what you are looking for. You should also feel free to ask about our professional backgrounds. We are happy to provide references, qualifications, experience, and information on the services we provide.

We know how important it is to have your home the way you want it and you’ll be pleased to know that we are dedicated to doing just that.

We do ask that you keep an open mind and work with our Los Angeles interior decorators to create to the best possible design and implementation for you. We will never force you into anything. Our job is to make suggestions based on what you desire. Consider Coddington Design part of your team.

Our interior decorators will listen to you carefully and plan accordingly. For instance, if you are redesigning several rooms, they will help you to identify the various phases of work to be done, from buying materials to deciding on what pieces to keep and what to buy.  You tell them what is important, and they design to meet those needs.

If you are building a new home and have an architect, we will work with him or her to balance the aesthetics of your home’s structure with the interior furnishings and finishes.  Whatever the scope of your project, our Los Angeles interior decorators are here to help.

Conflict Resolution

Decorating a home can be a tricky business if you and your partner have different opinions on how your home should look. And what about the rest of your family?  They too may have strong opinions of their own.

Our designers can help resolve issues with varying tastes. For instance, if you and your partner have things that you each love, but that does not match in terms of style, our designers know how to deal with these issues, and do so all the time.

It is normal to want your preferences and personality represented throughout your home, and normal to disagree on how best to do that when more than one person is involved.  That’s where our team can come in. We help everyone feel represented by employing a cohesive design across different rooms.

Another reality of modern life is the fact that there are so many options. Choosing between the various options can be a nightmare.  This is something we see virtually every day, however, and we know how to acquire the best items while staying within your budget.

Working with our Los Angeles interior designers and decorators will save you money. Our designers know how to avoid costly mistakes and have access to the best discounts around. We look forward to working with you to help realize your home interior dreams. Contact Coddington Design if you live in Los Angeles or surrounding area and are looking for an interior designer.

Our Los Angeles interior decorators at Coddington Design have helped so many clients already. We are familiar with the trendy look of San Francisco style, to Oakland Hills modern, or Castro Victorian. We can do glam with a view to chic. If you want to recreate a favorite ambiance, or you have a style and a look that is completely yours, let us show you how to make it a reality in your home or business. Contact us today to learn more.

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