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The SF Modern: Cheeky Kitchen, Dining Room & Living Room Design


This week, we’re sharing the first design reveal of 2023 — The SF Modern! Fresh yet cozy, cheeky yet chic, there is so much to love about these newly furnished spaces… including a wallpaper design you have to see to believe. So, what are we waiting for?

Project Goals & Scope

In case you don’t remember from last year’s project preview, this home is located in a hip San Francisco neighborhood. Our clients — an active, professional couple — love to travel, dance, host friends, and soak in their cedarwood hot tub. Cool, right?

They wanted their new home to reflect the spirit of their neighborhood and their lifestyle while feeling inviting, comfortable, and natural. They hired us to furnish and decorate their living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyer, and nook. But before we dive into the reveal, let’s look at how this home started…

The SF Modern: Before Interior Design & Furnishings


Do you see the elephant in the room? Yep, it’s that massive, black iron beam. Every project has its challenges, and this beam was a big one. However, we see challenges as fun — they give us the opportunity to get creative and invent something totally new.

We could have tried to hide this beam with white paint, but instead, we decided to make it a daring focal point (which you’ll see in a bit).  In the dining room, our clients requested that we keep their existing light fixtures, too. This means that our design will need to embrace and balance these warm bronze tones, too. Ready to see what we created? Come on in…

Cheeky Modern Living Room Design


Okay, MUCH better, right?? The beam stands out yet blends in with other touches of dark iron spread throughout the room — the coffee table, end table, and console. We balanced them with a mix of fresh neutrals, simplistically modern lines and curves, and warm wood finishes. The result captures an inviting yet cheeky, urban vibe. Stunning.


We accessorized the living room design with iconic coffee table reads, perfect for adding color and fun to any foggy SF day. To play up our clients’ love of nature, we also brought the outdoors in with a stone vase and greenery that sits beautifully against the white walls. Last but not least, this modern chair in a reddish clay tone helps add warmth to the space and feels cohesive with the warm bronze lighting in the dining area. Which brings us to…

Conversation-Starting Dining Room Design

In a modern home, creating a unique experience comes down to the details. This cheeky wallpaper in the dining room was an opportunity to do that.


Have you ever seen anything like it?? From afar, this wallpaper blends into the space with its repeating pattern and monochrome palette. Look close up and you’ll see an opera house on opening night. You can almost hear the murmur of excited chatter. Talk about a conversation-starter, right?

Keeping with the vibe of the rest of the home, we furnished this space with sleek black chairs and a stone table in warm beige. Keeping it simple helps the wallpaper stand out and receive the attention it deserves.

Accessorizing a Warm & Bright Kitchen


Although the kitchen design came with the home, we knew that accessorizing it would create a cohesive ambiance with the rest of our clients’ home. First, we selected comfortable, brown leather stools to play up this home’s warm tones. The leather also adds a natural touch to the space, and its slim legs in black echo the motif of dark metals.

Then, we topped off the space with a tall, stone vase and greenery, a warm-toned cutting board, and a multi-colored, ceramic utensil holder that bridges the cool blue tones of the backsplash with the warm leather chairs. Perfection.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms & More

Let’s stop here for today. This project also includes two bedrooms, a home office, a gym, and a couple of bathrooms, but they are worth featuring on their own. We’ll release the rest of The SF Modern project next month, so keep an eye out for it or join our newsletter to have it sent to you.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start your own design journey, you know where to find us.


Credit: All photography by Vivian Johnson Photography


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