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Nantucket Project: Style and Direction

Nothing has shaken off the distinct chill of winter like working on our Nantucket project! The well-known island off the coast of Cape Code is buttoned down for the New England cold spell but it will welcome a bustling summer crowd when the sun and beaches awaken in a few months.

We are currently working on a residential home with a detached guest cottage in Siasconset on Nantucket Island.  Construction is still underway but when complete the main house will span 2,800 square feet and the guest cottage will be 1,400 square feet.  Besides the wonderful seaside views and the creative design elements, another exciting feature of this project is that I get to collaborate with some very talented stars of the design world.  Bernard Trainer will be creating the landscape design, Matt MacEachern is the architect, and Jonathan Raith & Co. are the builders for this home. It’s been inspiring to work alongside these designers and watch the project progress.

One thing I always do when I start a project is create a descriptive map to help guide my evolving design plans for the space.  Here are a few words that are guiding our Nantucket project:

Personal | Comfortable | Authentic | Clean | Simple | Graphic Elements | Quiet

Sense of Place | Warm | Light | Casual | Let the View be the Star

The building process is in full-swing right now so I’ve included two digital renderings of the direction we are taking with the interior.  More updates to come on the progress of this exciting new Nantucket home!

Coddington Design :: Nantucket Project 2016 :: Digital Rendering of Living Room with Sea Urchin Chandelier



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