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Whether it’s a home office, kitchen remodel, or complete redesign, we developed our hourly interior design services to help high-achieving female leaders create a beautifully-designed home they can be proud of.

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Hi, I’m Melanie Coddington

My team of skilled interior designers help high-achieving female leaders design homes that fit their lifestyle. Our hourly interior design services are perfect if you desire a professional designer’s eye on your space but prefer to work at your own pace or tackle one room at a time.

Our online interior designers will help you get ahead on your project faster, with more confidence and ease.

We look forward to bringing your vision to life.


Online Interior Design Services

Hourly Interior Design

*20-hour minimum

Our hourly interior design service provides an excellent option for anyone needing a designer’s input to work out the details of your home redesign. We can utilize the time in any combo of ways; floor plans, sourcing, zoom video calls, guidance. Everything you need to make it happen!



If you are looking for a design plan for an entire room and don’t have the time or patience to shop around for furniture, this option is for you. Or if you are overwhelmed by the number of options out there, and you just want someone to tell you what to buy. We’ll tell you exactly what to buy, and where to put it.

Why Coddington Design?

For over 15 years, our interior design team has helped high-achievers create the home design of their dreams. Our virtual design services can help you:

✔Design Your Home Office
✔Upgrade Your Kitchen 
✔Revamp Your Window Treatments
✔Find the Best Lighting Options 
✔Get Direction on How to Spruce up your Current Décor
✔Curate an Entire Room from Start to Finish
Oh, the possibilities are endless…

“I have come to realize that good design is not just a matter of buying expensive materials or finishes. Rather, there is a logic, function, and cohesiveness that makes for a good design when coupled with quality products. This was something I could not have done on my own and would have struggled.”