Besides an adventurous entree and a restrained glass of pinot, a great restaurant should offer a helping of design inspiration. Designers are known for losing their food focus when the interiors are in need of an update so to discover a restaurant with an exciting menu and a well designed space is something we had to share!  One of our favorite spots to enjoy both food and interiors is San Francisco’s Union Larder


union larder 2

Located between San Francisco’s Nob Hill and Russian Hill neighborhoods, Union Larder is an acclaimed wine bar with an impressive curation of vintages, cheeses, charcuterie, sandwiches, and small plates.  The food and drinks are wonderful complements to the open and modern decor.  

union larder 3
The interior of Union Larder, designed by the firm Eight Inc, reflects the refined sensibility found on the menu. With a combination of wood, metal, concrete, and leather, the atmosphere is urban and crisp.  The slightly industrial tones are tempered with the open and lofty feel from the high ceilings . The large floor-to-ceiling domed windows face the bustle and fashion of Hyde Street while opening the space up to a large dose of California sun and (mostly) blue skies.  The soft leather stools and communal tables ground the openness of the space in a more intimate and conversational setting.  This cohesive design will soon have you ordering another glass and unwinding in the warmth of food and friends.

union larder 4