San Francisco is a booming city. From start-ups to tech giants as well as small businesses and restaurants, the commercial growth of this city cannot be underrated.  While so many new ideas are being dreamt and built, the spaces in which those ideas are born are just as important to these companies.  It’s inspiring to live in a city that views the creative office spaces we inhabit as collaborators and strive towards satisfying work environments.  With all the new businesses in the city, some are unassuming from the outside but the interiors are often modern, light filled spaces. Here’s a quick round-up of some of our favorite commercial office spaces in San Francisco.


Not too far from our office in Potrero Hill, is the Pinterest headquarters.  Located in the SOMA neighborhood, its cement and large window façade blends in with its neighboring buildings, but once inside the office is airy and bright. A large, white center staircase is a focal point of the office while soft wood textures fill much of the space. Much like Pinterest itself, the office still has fun accents and touches of quirk in pops of color, game rooms, and themed conference rooms.

Presidio VC Offices

Located in San Francisco’s Presidio neighborhood, Presidio VC is a growing technology firm with a beautiful, modern, light-filled commercial office design. As with the historic buildings in Presidio Park, concrete columns and ridge skylights are commonplace so the design was inspired by those elements. A wood-clad wall with a pivoting door greets visitors and a vibrant living wall brings in the natural environment right outside the doors. The textures and colors all have a natural and light feel which creates a warm and uncluttered work environment.


Mimicking their product, Square has created a sleek, modern, and minimalist work place with its office in San Francisco.  Located in the Mid-Market area of the city, the office measures 175,000 square feet but the vastness of the space is made to feel comfortable and lively with the use of natural woods in their design.  Square used various types of wood to create its interiors including salvaged eucalyptus, bamboo plywood, and white oak. Bright colors pop at this creative office space but with restraint. International orange and pacific blue are used as the two primary accent colors. This is a color palette that we can definitely get behind.