Does this sound familiar?

  • There’s one room in your house that you just cannot figure out how to decorate.
  • You have multiple paint swatches taped to the wall so long they’ve started to peel off and get dusty.
  • You don’t have time to figure out a design plan for this problem room.
  • You’ve bought a few pieces of furniture but never pulled the trigger on art or the rest of the furniture.
  • Your pretty sure the furniture you have isn’t working but you spent so much money on it you don’t want to just toss it
  • You have that new sofa/bed/table/chair in your cart but procrastinate hitting “order now” because you just aren’t sure it’s right.

Imagine a room that:

  • Makes you feel relaxed and happy and calm
  • Invites you in
  • Didn’t break the bank
  • You can actually use without worrying about dogs and kids ruining everything
  • Looks better than your pinterest boards
  • Functions perfectly for your needs
  • Has ample storage space

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you stop stressing and start designing.

This package helps you:

  • Define your decorating style
  • Decide exactly what purpose the room will serve
  • Select furniture that fits your style and works together
  • Seamlessly order furniture
  • Schedule any tradespeople like painters or window treatment installers
  • Schedule and track deliveries
  • Love all the colors and textures we select together

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The Curated Room Package Includes:

One (1) Style Strategy Call

This is where you share your design dreams, tell us about your style and share how you would ideally like the room to look, function and feel. (Please note this is not the free discovery call where we decide if we are a fit to work together).

One (1) Furniture Plan of your room

This a map of exactly where each piece of furniture will go in the room. We call out rug and furniture sizes. This is personally emailed to you within 2-4 weeks

Shopping list

Ten (10) suggestions for items that you can purchase on your own, from unique websites and/or designer resources, personally selected for you by style and budget. Item suggestions will be given to you on a private Pinterest board. You will be given one option per item, up to 10 items, for one complete Curated Room design plan.

We can source additional items/options for you at $150 per item.

Timeline Tool for your room.

We create a custom spreadsheet with your items linked. It explains when and how to schedule any work (like painting or electricians) and leaves space for you to add tracking numbers and delivery dates.

One (1) Follow Up Hour with your Interior Designer.

This is your chance to ask questions about your custom design plan. We do our best to make your design super clear and thorough, but it’s nice to know you have a little extra support if you want it. The hour can be via text, email, or phone call. Your designer will keep track of time and let you know when you are approaching the end of your one hour.
We have over 15 years of experience creating these results for our happy clients. We make sure your decorating experience is smooth, predictable, on time and on budget.
“I have come to realize that good design is not just a matter of buying expensive materials or finishes. Rather, there is a logic, function and cohesiveness that when coupled with quality products makes for a good design. This was something I could not have done on my own and would have struggled.”