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Is a She Shed Your Next Gift to You?


Do you ever feel the need to escape your home for an hour or two? Maybe avoid the kids, get some work done, or escape your partner’s “music” coming through the surround sound? If so, you need a She Shed.

What’s a She Shed? 

Unlike the popular “Man Cave” (which also sounds quite nice), the She Shed takes having an at-home escape room to a new level… mostly because it’s not in your home at all. It’s a tiny backyard paradise designed for YOU, an adult playhouse you can use to dream, play or just enjoy your hard-earned silence. 

As for the logistics, the She Shed itself could be a craft room, art studio, meditation room, or simply a quiet place to nap (uninterrupted). It’s your backyard getaway — you decide.

Here’s how to get started…

Step 1: Is a She Shed Possible?


Not all backyards are prepared to accommodate a She Shed, so before you get your hopes and dreams up, let’s make sure it’s all possible. 

  1. Decide on the size of your She Shed and whether you will have any plumbing or electrical added. (Sounds luxurious, right?)  

No matter the purpose, She Sheds should definitely have windows or skylights (it’s not a prison) and shades for privacy. If that’s all you need, then no electricity is required. However, if you may be using your She Shed during any non-daylight hours, electricity could be a good idea. Think cozy table lamps, sconces, and twinkle lights for an intimate feel or brighter overhead lights (hello, stunning chandelier) for an office or studio. 

  1. Figure out which permits you need. I know permits are not sexy, but they are necessary to build your dream escape. Permits you may need, depending on where you live:
  • Any structure over 150 sq ft needs a permit and a foundation. 
  • Adding electrical and plumbing to any size shed requires a permit.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but there are pre-fabricated sheds available. Some companies will install them for you and handle the permitting process (yes, please!), such as Studio Shed. 

“What if I don’t have the space?”

If it turns out that you don’t have the backyard space, get creative with your indoor spaces. Some options are the attic, basement, pool house, home office, or spare bedroom (that you only use once a year during the holidays).

Step 2: Design & Build Your She Shed


The best part about She Sheds is that this space is all about YOU. You don’t have to consider kid-proofing your area or consider your partner’s design taste. To personalize your space, decide the ultimate purpose of your shed and design from there. What do you want to do or accomplish in your She Shed? Here are a few ideas!

A Quiet Escape

Are you looking for a quiet getaway to read and sip wine? Design your space with a cozy chair, throw blanket, warm lighting, and soft rug. If you add electrical, you can even add a beverage station for your Nespresso and wine storage. Choose a comfy sofa and dreamy blackout curtains if you want your escape to include a place to nap uninterrupted.

Art or Craft Studio

Maybe you want to create a space where you can let your creative juices flow in a bright and open art or craft studio. Include a big sturdy craft table and some good speakers for your tunes. And don’t forget about adding some practical storage for all of your supplies.

Home Office

Using your She Shed as a home office totally counts! Sure, you are working, but it’s separated from the house, and you don’t have to worry about the ambient noise (kids, pets) interrupting your thoughts. And you can still add the sofa for a midday nap!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to install a lock on your She Shed to keep out any unwanted visitors, kids and partners included!

Designer She Sheds for Inspiration


Designer Alejandra from Natura Interiors enjoys her She Shed as a quiet workplace that has kept her sane during the pandemic (Photo by Eric Striffler)

A couple of the Coddington designers also have unofficial She Sheds. One lucky designer’s home office is in her backyard. She is still technically working from home but doesn’t have to feel exhausted by working and living in the same space every day.


Our designer Taylor Tanimoto created a mid-century treehouse for her kids. They don’t use it, but she does! Shhh… 😉

That’s it for this week, but if you’re looking to give the gift of design to yourself or someone you know this year, reach out to us here and let’s chat.




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