Cities are growing at a furious pace and nowhere is that more evident than here in San Francisco.  With lots of young professionals moving into major cities, urban housing has become a very competitive marketplace and higher demand means smaller living spaces. While the simplicity of smaller homes can be a perfect fit, the interior design of smaller, functional spaces can be a challenge.  That’s the problem MIT Media Lab and designer Yves Béhar teamed up to solve.

They created robotic modular furniture.  With the touch of a button, furniture can be re-arranged, tucked away, and pushed out of sight.  The ease of this technology completely transforms small spaces into a multi-use home without pushing furniture around every day.  MIT Media Lab was tasked with developing the technology and Behar and his San Francisco studio Fuseproject took on the aesthetics and compartmentalization.  The team created Ori.

Ori is a single unit of furniture that contains a bed, closet, workspace, sofa and integrated shelving.  Through the click of a button or an app, Ori will roll away the bed, create a bigger living room, and conceal a work desk.  It understands the configurations of the space and gives many easy options that increase the livability and interiors of smaller homes.  Check out the videos below to see the futuristic Ori in action and we will be on the lookout for robotic furniture to hit the market soon in developments in Boston, Washington DC, and Seattle.