When people think about the interior design of a room or a home, they usually think about color and furniture.  Textures and patterns are two important design elements that often don’t get the spotlight.  Tiles and stone are a great way to incorporate texture and pattern into a design whether you are looking for a focal point or a beautiful background.  Here are some of our favorite new tile and stone collections:

Duet (Ann Sacks) – Inspired by the natural beauty and irregular texture of sandstone, Duet is an expressive blend of neutral colors. This collection was designed to be mixed and matched for a look full of texture and movement. We would love to see this tile in a large scale flooring or wall installation.

Paire (Ann Sacks) – Paire is an impressive collection that brings together the natural design of stone with the warmth of brass. This versatile design allows for a full range of expression from bold to subtle. Crafted from stone and brass in three distinctive designs, we can envision this tile in a kitchen as a bar backsplash for a show-stopping centerpiece.


Sketchbook (Walker Zanger) – Inspired by the graphic elegance of mid-century modern design, Sketchbook features designs in a simple palette of black, blue grey and yellow. The black linework in each tile is hand painted, making each piece unique and unmistakably artisinal. Consisting of 6 different designs (Dandelion, Dewdrops, Flame, Frequency, Roman Holiday, and Ripple), we’d like to see these tiles complete a powder room or used in shower wall for an unexpected pop of pattern.

Cava Bianco (Walker Zanger) – Translating classic marble designs into the ease and flexibility of tile, Cava Bianco brings Italian craftsmanship to porcelain. Made in Italy, the collection features natural stone-like texture in three marble varieties.  These tiles are available in large, small, and mosaic formats making them the perfect option from kitchens to hallways.

Loom (Artistic Tile) – The Loom Collection is an exciting collection influenced by textile design and offered in two distinct patterns – Homespun and Zig Zag. Homespun is inspired by handwoven tweed fabrics, and Zig Zag features a bold geometric pattern often seen in menswear and decorative trims. We think either of these patterns make an elegant, understated background to a contemporary kitchen.

Picket (Fireclay) – An alternative to the classic subway tile, Picket’s shapes are patterned after gemstones to deliver a modern feel to any room. These tiles come in a huge variety of colors  making it simple to integrate them into an already existing room or blend into a new design.  We see this tile as the perfect fit for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall tile. It’s also a great option to liven up a neutral space with a splash of color.