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How to Style Your Home like an Interior Designer

Feeling lost as to how to spruce up a room in your home?  Not sure how to incorporate that treasured antique that seems out of place? Want to turn your Pinterest boards into more than just virtual corkboards?  We know it can be tough to style your own home so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks so you can decorate, accessorize, and update your space like an interior designer!


Bathrooms are personal, private, and functional but that doesn’t mean they have to be devoid of style.  Whether it’s your own bathroom or a powder room for guests, a few interior design tips can truly elevate the space. Fresh flowers are a must – they are a small addition but they make all the difference and can be a fun, ever-rotating item. Glass pumps for hand soap and lotion, as well as canisters and trays for storage are beautiful and add a cohesiveness to the room. If you have the space to style shelves, mimic the metal finishes found in your bathroom.  Stay true to a central color scheme but don’t be shy about adding small pops of color.  

Coffee Tables

When accessorizing your coffee table, remember to balance style and function. So many coffee tables become cluttered while the goal is to have it look purposeful. Books are a great place to start – art, style, and travel books often have visually strong cover art.  They add an interesting bit of artwork to the room and can make for great conversation starters in living rooms. Trays allow you to layer different accessories and are a useful item to have around when entertaining. Add different objects that you’re visually drawn to, but keep scale in mind as larger objects will throw off the balance of the table.  And as always, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers.



Styling shelves is all about layering, mixing shapes and scales, and adding more personality to a room. In a living room, consider doing a mix of books, vases, objects, and framed photos to create more visual interest. We like to add small original paintings or drawings.  As for color scheme, you can go monochromatic or mimic the finishes that are in the room. For a kitchen or bar area, use shelves to showcase fun glassware or antique glasses and decanters. We love mixing modern and vintage items to give the space more life.

Bedside Tables

Our thinking with bedside tables is less is more when it comes to interior design. A bedside lamp might be a no-brainer but this can be a fun spot to play with color or different materials – glass, metal, parchment, shagreen. The options are endless in terms of texture, color, and style. You can also go dramatically large in terms of size or pick something more on the petite side depending on the level of impact you want to have. Candles, flowers, the latest novel, and framed photos are also quintessential items.



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