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The Anatomy of a Curated Room Design


Does your home have a room that feels a bit blah? Maybe it’s an oversized sofa that’s starting to sag or an entertainment center that is anything but. 

Time for an upgrade. 

Well-designed homes don’t happen by accident. It takes strategy, inspiration, and smart shopping. Of course, you want your home to reflect your lifestyle translated into a beautiful design. But where do you start?

To help you create a unique and fully functional space, we’ve created our Curated Room Service. It allows you to work with us on a professional quality design for a flat rate from anywhere. 

Are You Ready for a “Curated Room?”

Our Curated Room Service is for you if…

  • You want to be hands-on with your room transformation.
  • You want a one-of-a-kind, functional design. 
  • You want a quick and convenient turnaround.
  • You value a predictable investment. 

If that sounds like you, keep reading to see how the Curated Room Service works. If this doesn’t sound like you (and you’re thinking, “Melanie, can’t your team just do it all for me?”), you have more options here.

Scandi Modern Project | Photographer: Vivian Johnson

Step 1: Style Strategy Session

Every project is personal. To get a clear understanding of your unique likes and dislikes, we ask you to take our Style Quiz to discover your aesthetic. More often than not, the results will surprise you. And once we receive them, we’ll set up a strategy call to discuss your dream design.

During the strategy call, we deep dive into every detail, taking the time to discover your goals for the space. Do you want somewhere to entertain your friends for weeknight cocktails? A family-friendly living room you and your tween can enjoy simultaneously? A place for Fido to sleep in comfort?

We’re not the designer that tells you what you want. (We do things differently.) Instead, we want your direct involvement in your design, to make sure it represents you, how you live, and what you love.

Step 2: Design Boards and Floor Plans

After gaining a clear idea for your vision, it’s time for us to get to work. You’ll receive design boards and floor plans within 2-4 weeks after your strategy call. With a customized and detailed map, we’ll call out where each piece of furniture goes and include essential details like rug and furniture sizes.

Step 3: Renderings

Once we have your feedback, we finalize the design. Our secret weapon? 3D renderings, also known as photorealistic images of your completed design. Because the Curated Room is a virtual service, 3D renderings are a valuable prerequisite for your approval. They allow you to see your completed room before you purchase anything. No imagination necessary. Just confidence. Can you tell which is the rendering and which is real life?

Step 4: Shopping List

Once we finalize each detail, it’s time to shop for the goods! When you work with Coddington, we’ll give you a trusted list of vendors and retailers that we know only offer high-quality furnishings. You can rely on our expertise to create a shopping list with clickable links for furnishings and all the important details you’ll need to order them accurately and on your own time. Don’t have time for shopping? We’re always happy to do that for you at our hourly rate.

P.S. We will always source items that are currently in-stock, but please keep in mind that lead times change quickly. We suggest placing your orders ASAP to avoid delays.

An example of a detailed shopping list.

Step 5: The Big Reveal

Once your furnishings have arrived, we will celebrate your new space with a video call. This gives us a change to put a professional eye on your newly designed room and answer any final questions you might have. We absolutely love seeing our clients’ beautiful spaces and the pride on their faces that they assembled it all themselves. Perfection.

Now, you get to enjoy that warm sensation of finally being home after a long, busy day. It’s designed to make your high-achieving life easier and more enjoyable — and I know you will feel the difference.

Ready to customize your room design? Schedule a call with our design team and learn more about our curated room design service! 




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