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The Perfectly Patterned Space

Image: Coddington Design

Have you heard of the latest design trend called Grandmillennial? Sometimes referred to as “Granny Chic,” it’s a backlash to the mid-century modern and minimalist style trends that have dominated the scene for the past few years. One of the wonderful things about the Grandmillennial style is the celebration of color and pattern, and we’re here for it! But there is a definite finesse to mixing patterns (and let’s not forget mixing metals). So today I’m sharing my best tips for layering patterns and color into your space for the perfect balance of “Granny” and “Chic.”

Play with Scale

Mix large and small scale patterns for a more harmonious feel. And don’t be afraid to use large patterns in a small space, which can actually help make a space feel bigger by having a bigger visual impact (think entryways and powder rooms, or even a closet). Keep one dominant scale and supplement with larger or smaller patterns to achieve that je ne sais quoi you feel when walking into a room.

Image: Architectural Digest/Cloth and Kind

Use a Coordinating Color Palette…

Stick to colors that work well together. While coordinating colors is a whole different blog post, a good rule of thumb is to use colors with the same shade or tint (i.e. stick to all brightly saturated colors, or all muted jewel tones or pastels). Or stick to two colors in varying shades, like this color scheme that expertly mixes both bright and muted reds and blue.

Image: Forbes/Meredith Heron

…Or Use a Monochrome Color Palette

Choose one color and lean in! The possibilities are endless when you mix patterns in the same color, which can make a bold statement in any space.

Image: Seattle Met/Christophe Servieres

Mix Styles

Traditional with abstract, geometric shapes with organic florals – mixing styles keeps a room feeling fresh, updated, and stylish.

Image: The Spruce/Grant Gibson

Don’t be afraid to take risks!

At Coddington Design, we encourage you to do what you love. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed.

Image:: Coddington Design

Don’t forget that we offer a Curated Room design package in addition to our Consultation Design services, both of which can help you narrow down your pattern choices and put them together expertly. Book your Discovery Call to see how we can help you design the perfectly patterned space!


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