We are in the business of interior design but we can’t operate alone.  We need great partners to work with to create spaces, develop concepts, and help meld the vision into one dynamic experience. One of our most important partnerships is with architects.  Great architecture firms can deliver powerful structures that are not just functional and stable but innovative and breathtaking.  Here in the Bay Area, we’re honored to be part of such an accomplished design community that includes inspiring architects.  This week we wanted to feature a few local architects that we have either had the pleasure of working with or whose work we greatly admire.

William Duff Architects


The core values at William Duff Architects are communication, creativity, transparency, excellence, and growth.  Coddington Design not only shares these values but appreciates how they transform ideas into successful projects.  Excellence and creativity are apparent in this staircase design by William Duff Architects. The glass railings make the transition from one floor to the next seamless while the stark white stair beautifully contrasts with the rich wood tones.

Andrew Mann Architecture

Andrew Mann Architecture is committed to strong relationships with their clients and their attention to detail resonates with us. The value of craftsmanship is easily seen in this simple yet elegant and sophisticated staircase. Its neutral color palette lets the purity of the design and materials shine.

Robert Stiles Architecture

One of the tenets of Robert Stiles Architecture is going beyond the client’s needs and creating a home that they love coming back to and we couldn’t agree more.  This house is definitely one we would love to return to. The sparseness of the materials lets the house blend effortlessly into the natural landscape while the burnished rust and light wood reflect the surrounding colors of the environment.