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Timeless Neutral Paint Colors

The eternal quest to pick the perfect paint color is never easy.  You tape swatches to the wall, you paint tiny test squares, or you post to Facebook to poll your friends and co-workers.  Colors can often look different depending on the natural light sources in a room or the texture of the walls or ceiling. Our design team has used hundreds of colors in our clients’ projects and we wanted to pass along some of our most versatile and loyal neutrals.  These subtle but rich tones will easily integrate into your home and create a solid foundation for your design.

Super White – Benjamin Moore (PM-1)

When we think of crisp and clean, this is the white that comes to mind. This color can be used as a trim to contrast stronger wall colors or as the primary color when you are showcasing a piece of art or architecture.  


Vancouver Day – C2 Paint (C2-993)

Soft and simple are a few words that accurately describe this paint. When paired with a crisp white trim, it’s a great color for entryways, stairways and hallways.  This light gray color will provide a quiet backdrop to the rest of your home.


Sandlot Gray – Benjamin Moore (2107-50)

This warm color can read as a light purple or as a gray which makes it so flexible when integrating it with different fabrics and textiles.  It’s the perfect color for an open concept great room.

Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore (HC-172)

If you have your heart set on a neutral color but find most shades to be too yellow or boring, this is the color you’ve been looking for.  This warm and sandy beige creates a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms.  


Pewter – Benjamin Moore (2121-30)

As a parent, I know how fast kids grow.  This medium tone gray is the ideal color for a child’s room because it’s so versatile without being flat.  This color will grow with them and their constantly changing styles to create a room that’s easy to upgrade from toddler to teen.

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