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Wallpaper Tips that Take Your Home from Boring to Brilliant

‘80s throwbacks with busy wallpaper combinations in tacky florals and stripes? I don’t think so. These days, wallpaper isn’t just for your grandparents’ kitchen. It’s made a big comeback, and we are loving it. With endless possibilities and options to fit any style, wallpaper has become the perfect design technique for taking an ordinary room from boring to brilliant. 

What can it do for your space? How do you choose? Get ready to soak up everything you need to know…

(Office) Photographer: David Duncan Livingston / (Bathroom) Photographer: Vivian Johnson

Tip 1. Add elegance with a sophisticated pattern or sheen.

The right wallpaper has the ability to make a statement by instantly adding elegance to any room. A touch of shimmering gold, an elegant toile, or a sophisticated damask pattern? Don’t mind if we do. Better yet, get creative with it. For example, look at this drop-dead gorgeous powder room from our latest project…

This previously dull space was brought to life with wallpaper that dips the room in gold. It’s rich, elegant, and a sweet treat for anyone who opens the door. 

Tip 2. Embrace playful patterns for lightheartedness.

If elegant isn’t the way you want to go, try playful and fun instead. You can lighten up your space (emotionally) or inspire a conversation with a stand-out bold color or a playful pattern. For example, take a peek at this black and white alien toile wallpaper

At first glance, it seems like a traditional print. After doing a double-take, guests will notice the cheeky design and chuckle as they wash their hands. Other great places for bold, colorful, or fun wallpaper include the backs of bookshelves, closets, and surprise…ceilings.

Tip 3. Create softness with soothing hues and textures.

If the room you have in mind is more of a soothing place, then color and texture is your answer. Soft, muted hues (not too saturated) and textured wallpapers (like the grasscloth shown below) create a welcoming, restful, and calm space. These are perfect for powder rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, lounges, and even home offices. Just be careful not to doze off in that last one.

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

Tip 4. Choose the right pattern scale for the room.

When it comes to selecting wallpaper with patterns, you will need to match the pattern size to the size of the room. For example, a smaller room calls for a smaller pattern, while a larger space requires a larger pattern. In the living room below, we used a small-scale pattern for the backs of the bookshelves. This helps it blend into the space while still feeling unique and intriguing.

Tip 5. Don’t be afraid to test samples!

We always recommend getting a sample of the wallpaper first and seeing how the color and scale work in your space. Be sure to view your sample in the room (or hallway) at various times of day: morning, noon, early evening, and when it’s dark. 

As the sun changes position throughout the day, the way colors look in your home can also change. They may even shift based on the color reflected off your neighbor’s house! So do your due diligence, and you’ll be rewarded.

Tip 6. Get a pro’s expertise.

I know, I couldn’t resist including this one. If you’re ready to take the plunge with wallpaper but are unsure where to start, we’ve got your back. Schedule a call with our design team, and let’s work together to add some pizzazz to your space. You won’t regret it.




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