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WFH In The Time of Corona: How Our Team Is Dealing With The Pandemic

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We’ll start by saying these are strange times. We never envisioned that our first post of 2020 would come from such a feeling of uncertainty. In any normal circumstance, we would talk about our latest exciting project (which we are eager to share) or give some design advice (which we are brimming with), but with this new normal situation, we knew we had to share about our experience of the big pink elephant in the room.

Coddington Design has been practicing working from home by moving all of our meetings online. Aside from cancelling our big travel plans for Spring, here are some things our team is doing to simply keep on keeping on.

We Are A Little Stirred, Not Shaken: Make a Quarantini!

Stocking up on essentials includes a well stocked bar cart. Cheekily named, the quarantini is just a martini with lemon and honey- delicious! With social distancing in full affect and no visits to our favorite watering hole, being your own bartender brings levity to this stressful situation. Taylor from the Coddington team started her quarantine right by producing some delicious cocktails.

Play a boardgame, or two or five…

Waldami Boardgame
Gone are the days when a long game of monopoly would make you flip the board, board games have had a cool resurgence. With new board games that have sophisticated packaging that would look better on a coffee table than tucked away, we recommend games that include the whole family that would help spend the hours.

Start A Clean Hobby: Soap Making
With an alarming shortage of essentials such as soaps and newly available time on our hands, we think soap making is a great way to protect yourself creatively. A fun activity that can include the younger ones at home, we know they’ll be eager to practice good hygiene if they are using their own products. Aisha from the Coddington team has been into soap making for years and recommends layering different scents and textures- a current favorite is cardamom, rose and lemon with an oatmilk base.

That’s Pinteresting! Virtually Curating Beautiful Rooms
Just because we are quarantined doesn’t mean the creativity has gone. We are virtually curating beautiful dream rooms that cater to you functionally. Whether it is home offices that make working from home fun, stylish bedrooms you want to get tucked in or outdoor spaces within your home that don’t make you feel so restricted, we’ve got you covered.


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