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Why Designers Choose Custom Window Treatments… Every Time


One-size-fits-all. Did you just cringe a little? Yup, me too. You don’t even have to try on those pants/shirts/dresses to know they will never fit quite right. Too tight, too baggy, accentuating the wrong places… Forget it. I’m going back to my Lulus.

Why Custom is Worth the Splurge

It’s the same with window treatments. One size does not fit every window. In fact, one size doesn’t even fit MOST windows. Like clothing, if you take this approach, you will quickly end up with drapes that are too long, shades that are too short, blinds that don’t fit snugly across…the list goes on. And there are no Lulus in the window treatment world to save you.

Worse, window treatments play a huge role in the overall look and feel of any space. They are not an accessory, like those earrings that are “good enough” — they’re a main feature. If they’re not fitting quite right, the whole look of the room is off-kilter. This is why designers will choose custom window treatments every time, even in a rental. 

Not convinced? Here’s how we really feel about custom window treatments…


From our Beach House project. Photographer: David Duncan Livingston.

1. Superior Hardware Means Smooth Functionality 

Have you ever tried to pull curtains closed, and the rings awkwardly bump across the rod due to the uneven surface? You pull on them harder to get them to move along, but not too hard…you know the fabric isn’t the best. That’s retail.

Expandable rods will never give you the luxury experience you’re looking for, so it’s better to just say no to ring-top curtains. Invest in smooth hardware instead and personalized controls for your custom window treatments. Fortunately, there are tons of options you can choose from, like manual one way, two way, batons, and cords. 

However, the possibilities don’t end with these high-end manual options. Want an elevated window treatment experience? Try automated window treatments programmed around when the sun hits the room. You can even control them from an app on your phone. Now that’s luxury. And I think you and your whole room deserve it.


From our Beach House project. Photographer: David Duncan Livingston.

2. Endless Custom Fabric Options for Unique Spaces

Speaking of that flimsy fabric you’re afraid to tear, high-quality fabrics are another reason to choose custom window treatments. Not only do custom treatments allow you to choose from a variety of fabrics designed to last (including performance fabrics), but we can literally choose any style, pattern, and color we want. You’re not going to get that from Amazon’s bestsellers or the 12 options at Bed, Bath & Beyond (*cringe*). 

We can order an-y-thing.

The result is a window treatment and interior that feels totally unique, cohesive, and of course, is designed to last. That’s what we want from anything we source for your home, but especially for the window treatments you use every day. Custom wins.

Pro Tip: You don’t necessarily need custom window treatments to get great light control for your space, but if you’re looking for blackout options, custom is best.


From our Beach House project. Photographer: David Duncan Livingston.

3. A Fit that Works With (Not Against) Your Home’s Style

We already talked about the physical fit of your window treatment (one size does not fit all), but what about the architectural fit? Each home has an architectural style that can be highlighted with the right custom drapes. Take this opportunity to use window treatments to showcase the existing character of your home. If it complements the home and fits your personal style, you’ve found the perfect match.

How Can We Help?

One size fits all? Not on our watch. We can design custom window treatments for you through our Online Interior Design process. After we work with you to determine your style preferences and collect exact measurements, we provide you with a window treatment schedule, including:

  • Window location
  • Product
  • Style
  • Mount Location
  • Controls (right/left/cord lock etc.)
  • Manufacturer
  • Fabric
  • Lining (privacy/sheer)
  • Trim
  • Hardware
  • Additional notes like the number of panels and type of rail

Then, you can take the very detailed window treatment schedule to a workroom. There are a ton of talented seamstresses that will sew drapes and shades for you, and will even supply you with some simple fabric options. Or you can send them your own fabric. 

We can also help you source the appropriate amount of fabric as well. Some of our favorite places to start sourcing material are Etsy, Spiffy Spool, and Wovn Home. Of course, you can also browse and send us your inspiration.


From our Scandi Modern project. Photographed by Vivian Johnson.

What if Custom Window Treatments Aren’t an Option?

Custom window treatments are worth the splurge, and we will always recommend them because of the fantastic finish they give your space. However, we also understand that custom window treatments are a significant investment, and they may not be the right choice for everyone. So if you’re looking for the custom feel without the custom price, be smart about where you go. 

We recommend quality retail options like The Shade Store or Smith and Noble. Both these options provide excellent fabric selections with lining, sized to fit your window, high-quality hardware, and added details like a pull rod, one-way draws, pass-through pins, and beautiful pleats. 

Get started with our Online Interior Design process for your next project. Reach out to us to discuss your needs, and let’s see if we’re a good fit. 




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