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Have you tried other interior designers that made you want to give up altogether?

We have heard horror stories from clients just like you. Your designer:

  • Just didn’t get your style
  • Couldn’t answer simple budget or timeline questions
  • Wouldn’t accept responsibility for items you didn’t like
  • Seemed disorganized and kept missing important details and deadlines
  • Kept suggesting impractical design that didn’t fit your lifestyle
  • Didn’t listen to you or actively seek your input

One of our core values is “No Haziness” which means you will always know what we are working on and how much it will cost. We are not afraid to tell it like it is.

Imagine coming home to this:

  • You had the most luxurious, dreamiest bed…like the one you’ve been obsessed about from that chic boutique hotel you visited and now can’t get out of your head
  • Your family and friends walked into your home and instantly felt relaxed, welcomed and insanely jealous (not that they would admit it).
  • You created a space where everyone in the family (including the surly tween) wanted to hang out together. In the same room.
  • Your kitchen was gorgeous with room for multiple people to gather together for the gourmet meals you cook (or to watch cooking shows while eating take out).
  • Every room of your home is worthy of it’s own Instagram account.

We have over 15 years of experience creating these results for our happy clients. We make sure your decorating experience is smooth, predictable, on time and on budget.


What exactly happens after I hire you?

If you are reading this section, you are definitely in the right place! Creative types like us often get a bad rap for being disorganized. At Coddington Design, we use both sides of our (big) brains to create and pay attention to the small details that matter. We believe clear communication and your direct involvement in the design are the cornerstones of a great working relationship. In that spirit, here is a detailed breakdown of each stage of the interior design process.

Getting to know you

We listen deeply to how you want your home to support your goals for yourself, your family, your life. You will be sent a client questionnaire. This helps us better understand how you use your space, what your goals are and what your expectations are. Have you taken our Style Quiz?

If you are working with an architect or a builder, we will contact them directly to begin our process of collaboration, and we will remain in contact with them throughout the project.. We will tour your home and talk through any design issues you would like to see resolved. We will discuss your style questionnaire and budget during this visit and also plan our next steps.

Editing, Drawing + Deciding

Together we edit out the impractical ideas, the things that simply won’t match, and help you Marie Kondo the heck out of your ideas. We measure your space, create construction documents and create renderings so you know everything fits, functions, and works together. Your designer will typically begin with floor plans, laying out any furniture you would like to keep and any pieces you would like us to source, so you can see how everything will fit. After you approve the floor plans, we begin shopping for pieces, fixtures, and finishes


We scour the globe for pieces that reflect your personal style that all work together. We take the best that fits your budget and show it to you for your approval. This will likely be done during multiple in-person meetings, Zoom calls, and/or via email. Once you approve items, we will request a deposit payment via a Proposal, and we will purchase, track, receive, store, deliver and install for you.

Construction Site Visits

For projects involving construction, we visit the site, communicate with the builders and architects to make sure your vision is executed on time and on budget.

The Waiting Game Begins

Once we have selected all the furniture, fabric, window treatments, etc we need to purchase and track the items. Handmade, custom, and craft items take time and are worth the wait. We email you weekly updates on your project’s progress every Friday afternoon for the duration of your project. This is a great way for you to see exactly what your designer is working on and where you are in the process. The weekly updates will also require honest feedback from you and sometimes action items that may need your attention. An example would be “review sectional options with fabric selections.” Our clients love this – it gives them time to involve spouses or other family members in the decision making process and give us instant feedback.

A Note about Payments + Budgets

We start the process with a standard Letter of Agreement for you to sign. This document outlines the scope of our work with you as well as a request for a refundable retainer. Once we have a clear scope of work, we create a custom budget for you. This is reviewed early on in your project so you don’t have any surprises. (sample budget is here). We keep track of our design hours on a daily basis and bill you monthly. You will be sent an online link to pay your monthly time billing invoices.

The Big Reveal!

We store all of your furniture and have it all delivered on installation day (or days). We meet the movers and supervise placement. In the week or two prior, we will supervise installation of any wallpaper, lighting, and window treatments. Once we are done, you come home to your newly designed space and enjoy it for years to come.
“Melanie is a joy to work with because she is a good listener, quickly hones in on your style, knows when she can push your vision, and offers you design options that are above and beyond what you could have imagined.”


We are committed to building lasting relationships with all of our clients, and have done so for over 15 years! Because interior design is based on preference, sometimes one piece just feels off or wasn’t what you expected. We are happy to replace up to two items at no charge. Of course, if anything is damaged or incorrect, we replace that as well. We are here for you; you can contact us for support years after your project is complete! 



We’re Coddington Design, a full-service interior design firm founded on collaboration, transparency, high standards, and blending function with beauty. Our clients inspire us daily, and it is our true privilege to design turnkey homes that support their amazing lives.

Some of our favorite clients have included kick-ass Hollywood producers passionate about bringing female voices to the silver screen, female founders, charitable women who give freely of their time and money, stay-at-home-moms who teach their children values of kindness and generosity, working moms who get up early to enjoy baking in their gorgeous kitchens or crushing it on the Peloton.

For over 15 years, our all-women team has helped high-achievers like you create the homes of their dreams.

Ready for a home that brings you elevated comfort, luxury and Style?


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