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Why Virtual Design May Be Right For You

These crazy times have us exploring new ways of doing what we love most- designing beautiful, functional, family friendly spaces for clients we truly appreciate and care for. We love our new virtual offerings (Our Curated Design Package and Full Service Consultation) and know you have questions.


A huge benefit of virtual design is the freedom to explore your style pre-purchase. You will be able to see your space come together through Pinterest before you commit to a large purchase. Rediscover and refine the look you had before pets & kids. Your Coddington designer will help you laser focus your style and stay on track. Our fun Style Quiz is a great beginning.

CLICK HERE to take the Quiz to get inspired and put a name to what you love.


Maybe you have an item that you love, but you’re not sure how it will fit into a redesign. A great benefit of working virtually is we can thoughtfully incorporate your favorites in a fresh, updated way. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how it will all pull together- we can show you!

SWEET FREEDOM – Full Service Consultation

Not sure you want to redesign an entire room? What you really need is a nomadic designer! Our Full Service Consultation service allows you the freedom to have us work on EXACTLY what you need. Maybe it’s tile for the laundry room, a better floor plan in the family room and a zoom room for those e-learning calls? Virtually we can take on each piece of the puzzle and work out the details seamlessly without lengthy in home visits. You decide what we work on!

ONE DOC SHOP – Curated Room Service

Buying a room full of furniture, drapery and lighting can be a hassle. Coordinating trades (painters, electricians and tile setters) can be a full time job. Keeping everything and everyone on track is not easy without a clear process. Our Curated Room Service includes a Shopping List giving you one click purchasing and all your selections housed in one pretty spreadsheet. We add your paint schedule to this too! Your trades will appreciate our Trades Timeline. This tool tells you when to schedule who, which greatly helps keep your timeline in check. It’s all about making your experience easy and fun. Check out a sample:


Don’t you need to see my space in person to design it?

We get a detailed look at your space through the resources we ask you to share with us; current pics, a video walkthrough and measurements. We sometimes ask for a zoom call with you if we need to see something specific to guide the design.

How often and when will we meet virtually?

This depends on you & the scope of your project. Generally speaking, we meet with you (zoom, call or facetime) throughout the process to make sure we are on the right track with your design. We don’t work too far ahead until we know you are happy. This eliminates the need for massive redo’s or a design you aren’t happy with.

What are the options for measuring my space?

We give you all the tools and tricks you need to measure the space yourself like a pro! It’s not as hard as it sounds and we break it down into easy steps for you.

Can you find furniture at places more interesting than Pottery Barn and West Elm?

With decades of experience in luxury interior design, our sourcing resources are vast. We have compiled the best of the best in multiple price points to fit most budgets. PB & West Elm have their place in home furnishings, but we strive to give you unique, artisan quality pieces that you won’t see in all your friend’s houses.

How do I know which virtual interior design service is right for me?

This comparison chart shows you everything you need to know to decide which service is best for you.

Want to learn more about our virtual offerings? Book a free Discovery Call with a designer. Have your questions ready! We look forward to talking with you and designing for you.


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