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serving the California coast & nationwide

About Us

Founded in 2005, Coddington Design is a full-service interior design firm with headquarters in the Bay Area and clients nationwide. With a passion for individuality, our designers always prioritize your vision over ours. No egos here!

We’re just as at-home delivering $10M+ turnkey properties as we are partnering with industrious homeowners who want hourly support. This is luxury interior design, your way.

About You

Our clients come from diverse walks of life, including Hollywood producers championing equity, founders building empires, parents raising real good humans, philanthropists effecting change, and more.

What do our clients have in common? They’re self-made, down-to-earth, and inspire others through leadership. So are we. If you’re building a legacy or enjoying your hard-won success, you’re our people.

“Coddington Design helped us make changes that had a major impact on not only the design, but the way our house looks and feels. It feels like us now, our home.”
Gillian H., Los Angeles

Meet Your Design Team

melanie coddington

Founder & CEO

Melanie Coddington

I’m Melanie and, like you, I’m a self-made leader determined to create my own path. After years at a traditional design firm, I founded Coddington Design in 2005 with a vision for something different: ego-free designers, clients as partners in co-creation, and homes that were equal parts luxurious and life-proof.

Since then, I have built a multi-million dollar design firm, assembled a world-class team, received national recognition, and created magazine-worthy homes that reflect our clients’ personalities, style, and lifestyles. I’m proudest of that last one.

When I’m not leading the kickass Coddington team, you can find me spending time with my wife and son, renovating our mid-century modern home, and being a fierce ally to trans, queer, and BIPOC communities.

design assistant

Lead Interior Designer

Iyohna Pendleton

Iyohna is a proud San Franciscan with a lifelong fascination for the city’s architectural heritage, particularly the historic Victorian homes that grace the streets. With over 13 years of experience in interior design, she has honed her craft and built a remarkable career.

Iyohna’s journey in the design world began in commercial corporate interiors at Nelson Worldwide, where she had the privilege of creating innovative spaces for some of the most influential tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work in the corporate sphere showcased her talent for blending functionality and aesthetics in dynamic environments.

Iyohna made a transition to residential design, where she found her true passion in the art of customization and working closely with individual families to bring their dream homes to life. Her expertise extends beyond the workplace and into the warmth and comfort of people’s personal spaces.

Outside of her design pursuits, Iyohna enjoys the great outdoors, often hiking with her husband in the serene Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. She also cherishes quality time spent with her nieces and nephews, embracing the joys of family life.

Iyohna’s career is a testament to her deep appreciation for architecture, her commitment to design excellence, and her love for creating meaningful spaces that enhance the lives of those who inhabit them.

design assistant

Interior Designer

Lisa Alexander

You’ll find me diving into the details that bring your creative vision, passions, and interests to life in your home. My particular zone of genius lies in creating floor plans, renderings (that help you visualize the design), and other key technical documents. I enjoy connecting with the makers and helping provide you with all the information about that custom sofa you’ve been dreaming about.

When I’m not working, I am constantly inspired by my Bay Area surroundings – either spending time at our amazing museums and galleries or hiking amongst the redwoods. You can also find me immersed in live music of all kinds – from the San Francisco Symphony, a concert at Shoreline Amphitheater, or any band at my favorite local clubs.

junior designer

Interior Designer

Missa Agnew

Interior Designer and California native, Melissa, blends her traveled & sensible approach to all aspects of the design process to help bring your creative visions to life. Collaboration being a key stone to her success, she enjoys working hard with the team to turn each of your houses into homes. Melissa draws most of her design (and personal) inspiration from nature, architecture, people, and the connection between the three.

In her free time she continues to travel as often as possible – staying immersed in design & dedicated to curating and supporting local and global artists, creators, and innovators. When not working or traveling, you can find her somewhere outdoors, exploring.

junior designer

Design Assistant

Alexandra Morales

Alexandra Morales was born and raised in San Diego, CA by her Mexican immigrant parents. As a young girl, Alexandra admired the way her mother and grandmother designed and sewed dresses for the family while her father, a welder for the ship making business in San Diego, crafted anything the neighborhood needed. Her passion for interior design began as a young girl, creating her own Barbie furniture and clothes. Alexandra received an interdisciplinary college education at UC Berkeley which entailed courses in Urban Planning, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture which encouraged her to pursue interior design. As an aspiring interior designer, Alexandra looks to other amazing designers, such as Julia Morgan, who have been the first designers in their communities and have paved the way for future generations of designers. She always remembers her mother and grandmother’s creations as inspiration for her interiors.

When not scouting for hidden gems at estate sales or sewing floral summer dresses, Alexandra can be found collecting inspiration from her travels or rearranging and redecorating her ever-evolving apartment – a testament to her love for creating beautiful and livable interiors. She looks forward to meeting all of the wonderful clients and helping them create their dream homes.

Guiding Values


Hold the dictatorship! We believe in partnerships and invite you to collaborate with us as much (or as little) as you would like.

High Standards

Luxury isn’t a price tag. It’s found in quality that lasts, customization that’s personal, and services that meet you where you are.

Function & Beauty

You’re a real person with a real life. We prioritize beauty and function so that kids and pets can coexist with your peace of mind.


If we can’t find it, we look in new places. If it doesn’t exist, we create it. We love resourcefulness, innovation, and throwing the box away.


Strong relationships inspire personalized design choices, an incredible team, and spaces that bring you and your special people closer.


We embrace diversity of race, origin, orientation, and thought. We’re a female-led, lesbian-owned business of fierce allies.

Let’s create a home you’re proud of.


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