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Your home is your retreat…

If you crave the custom aesthetic of luxury interior design but feel overwhelmed by the idea of a big design project, we get it. We developed our services to help high-achievers, like you, create a beautifully-designed family home without the stress of adding another item to your to-do list…because we handle it for you!

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Luxury Interior Design With Your Lifestyle in Mind

Hi I’m Melanie Coddington,

My interior design firm provides comprehensive interior design services by expertly managing your project from concept to installation. Whatever the size and scope of your design needs, we have the expertise to keep your project on track, on time, and on budget. 

We look forward to creating your luxury design.

-Melanie Coddington

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    For over 15 years, our team has helped Female Leader create the home of their dreams. Here’s our process!

    Getting Started

    We believe clear communication and your direct involvement are the cornerstones of a great working relationship. Therefore, we listen deeply to how you want your home to support your goals for yourself, your family, your life. You’ll fill out our proprietary client questionnaire. This helps us better understand how you use your space, goals, and expectations.

    Editing, Drawing + Deciding

    Together we edit out the impractical ideas, the things that won’t match, and help you “Marie Kondo” the heck out of your ideas. We get a complete understanding of your space, create construction documents and create renderings, so you know everything fits, functions, and works together.


    We scour the globe for pieces that reflect your style that all work together. Then, we take the best that fits your budget and show it to you for your approval. This will likely be done during multiple in-person meetings, Zoom calls, or via email. Once approved, we will purchase, track, receive, store, deliver and handle the complete setup.

    Bring it to Life

    We store all of your furniture and have it all delivered on installation day (or days). We meet the movers and supervise placement. We also oversee the installation of any wallpaper, lighting, and window treatments. Once completed, we reveal your newly designed space for you to enjoy for years to come.
    “Melanie is a joy to work with because she is a good listener, quickly hones in on your style, knows when she can push your vision, and offers you design options that are above and beyond what you could have imagined.”
    M. Ingram

    5 Reasons to Connect With Us…

    1. You love the idea of a fully updated, remodeled home but the horror stories you’ve heard about the process make you want to hide under the covers.

    2. Between work, soccer practice, cooking dinner, and Peloton classes, you don’t know where to begin designing your home.

    3. You would love everything in your home to look great together without being boring, basic, or matchy-matchy.

    4. You worry you will choose furniture that doesn’t fit, doesn’t last, or isn’t comfortable.

    5. You have too many good ideas – letting any of them go feels like choosing a favorite child. Ouch!
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      We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and have done so for over 15 years! Because interior design is based on preference, sometimes one piece feels off or wasn’t what you expected. We are here for you! You can contact us for support years after your project is complete.

      Ready to Design Your Home?