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interior design reviews | architectural digest
“ This Nantucket kitchen is a composition of lush textiles, natural materials, warm tones, clean lines, and Curves,” says Melanie Coddington.
interior design reviews | architectural digest
“It’s essential to strike a balance and focus on enduring design principles for a timeless aesthetic,” says Melanie Coddington.
interior design reviews | architectural digest
“I tend to avoid super shiny fabrics, as they can feel tacky and have a short-lived aesthetic. Instead opt for materials with a more subdued sheen or matte finish,” says Melanie Coddington.
interior design reviews | architectural digest
“My most cherished method of breathing new life into my surroundings involves the artful placement of captivating artwork and Accessories,” says Melanie Coddington.
interior design reviews | architectural digest
“I’m hearing from my clients that they’re over the low sofas, often paired with absurdly low coffee tables. We all crave comfort, and a 17”-19” seat height is ideal for comfortably getting in and out of it,” says Melanie Coddington
interior design reviews | architectural digest
“A sparkly chandelier, a single Victorian era chair, or an intricately patterned wallpaper would be a great addition to a modern home,” says Melanie Coddington
“If you feel bold, try a throw pillow or blanket, a piece of art or wallpaper,” says Coddington about incorporating vibrant colors into your home.”
“I like to use colorful, playful decor to stimulate creativity and imagination,” says Melanie Coddington about designing kids’ playrooms.”
“Embrace the era’s aesthetic without veering into kitsch, striking a balance that feels authentic yet timeless,” says Melanie Coddington.”
“Vary the height of items. Choose decor items that are proportionate to the size of the console table,” says Melanie Coddington.”
(image credit – Coddington Design)
“Although unconventional, we opted for a persimmon shade for this California kitchen to accompany the black La Cornue range,” says Coddington.
“In this Nantucket endeavor, we drew inspiration from the autumnal coastal grasses which take on a delightful pale orange hue and are complemented with a gentle teal green,” says Melanie.
“You can infuse this refreshing blue hue into your bathroom with towels, artwork, or tile accents… accent pillows, vases, stools, and even bedding,” says Melanie Coddington.
“Be sure to hang curtains with sturdy hardware. Little hands can pull on curtains, and we don’t want them tumbling Down,” says Coddington.
“Working with Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze can be a design delight,” says Melanie. “I love using it as an accent wall color in living spaces, paired with neutral tones like creamy whites or soft grey.”
“Incorporating materials like velvet, satin, or mohair can instantly elevate the look and feel of your bed, adding depth and visual interest,” says Melanie Coddington.
The high-sloped ceiling in this attic bedroom designed by Melanie Coddington makes for a bright and inviting retreat.
“Pair Snowbound with bold accent colors or vibrant furniture pieces to create a striking contrast. This can make the room feel dynamic and visually interesting,” says Melanie Coddington.
Beyond the shade of green paint, you can further nod to the natural world by incorporating natural materials. “Use natural materials like light wood for cabinetry or open shelving to add warmth and prevent the space from feeling too heavy,” says Melanie Coddington.
“A Chesterfield sofa is considered a timeless piece of furniture that is often associated with traditional or vintage interior decor styles.. There’s a sophistication
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Interior Design Reviews

Despite its family-friendly approach, Coddington maintained sophistication in the space
Cottages and Gardens

By conjuring the atmosphere of the Bay, Melanie Coddington created a serene, luminous bedroom. Showcased against the backdrop of the blue-gray palette are pieces that reflect the designer’s feminine-but-modern sensibility
Cottages and Gardens

“Unapologetically Pink Rosé Lounge.” Inspired by edginess and fueled by French rosé wine, the lounge is modern, opulent, and without a doubt, unapologetically pink.
Dwell Magazine

The updated midcentury home features a playful use of pattern, as well as fun and daring colors against a neutral backdrop that will stand the test of time and trend. Multiple seating areas in the living room allow for easy entertaining and relaxing, and the bright, bold kitchen is the perfect place for family dinners. The home is pet and child friendly without sacrificing style. Such a beautiful home that is timeless, playful and colourful.
Desire to Inspire

Melanie’s designs strike that perfect balance of color, pattern and texture, the three elements she states are necessary to create a perfectly modern feminine room. This ability to create soft, feminine rooms is why San Francisco based designer, Melanie Coddington of Coddington Designs has thrived in a landscape dominated by mid-century modern and flea market chic.Following Melanie’s feminine recipe of color, pattern, and texture, anyone can imbue their space with modern, flirty, feminine undertones that will strike the right balance of sugar, space, and healthy dose of design spice.
CA Home and Design

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