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Designer On Demand: Customized Design Support on Your Terms


You’ve purchased a home, curated a vision board, and you’re finally ready to transform the space into your own. Only one problem: You have a few burning questions that could use expert wisdom… and every designer you’ve talked to says that designing your home yourself will be a costly mistake.

But you’re also a natural born leader and have been wildly successful with similar projects in the past. Why should you be forced into a long-term commitment with a designer who may or may not understand your needs?

We get it. That’s why we developed Designer on Demand, a fresh and flexible approach to design that’s completely tailored to your needs and preferences. What does it entail? Let’s find out…

What is Designer on Demand?

Photography Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

Let’s be real, designing a home can be overwhelming. There’s a lot that happens between those picture-perfect reveals on Instagram. But here’s the good news: we’re here to relieve some of that stress.

With Designer on Demand, you’re in control. We understand that everyone’s design needs are different, so we developed this service to offer flexible design support, no long-term commitment required. Why? Because we’re passionate about creating a home that celebrates your achievements and helps you live your best life.

What Can We Help With? 

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Whether you’re embarking on a full home renovation or simply seeking assistance with furniture selection, we’ve got you covered. Think of the following list as your starting point, with the flexibility to mix and match as needed:

  • Create whole-home floor plans and room layouts
  • Provide design expertise for kitchen or bathroom renovations
  • Help with furniture selection and space planning
  • Offer guidance on paint colors, tile options, cabinetry, appliances, and more
  • Design custom window treatments
  • Assist in fireplace design and styling
  • Selecting and placing art
  • Provide recommendations on where to shop for tile, hardware, furniture, and other essentials
  • Guide you in countertop and flooring selections
  • Offer ongoing project consulting to ensure your vision comes to life

And this is just the beginning. Whatever it takes, we’re here for you. With our simplified 3-step process, our experienced team will be by your side to offer flexible, personalized guidance and hands-on support tailored to you. What could be better?

Explore the Design Process

Photography Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

Step 1. Exploration

Before our initial consultation, you’ll receive prep work to help us discover the vision for your home. We want to make the most of our time together, so be prepared to discuss your style, must-haves, functional needs, and any color preferences. There are no wrong answers here, just a chance to explore and refine your goals.

Step 2. Initial Consult

Each client is assigned to one of our expert interior designers, a talented professional ready to bring your style to life. Together, you’ll embark on an action-packed 90-minute meeting where we’ll tackle your challenges, share expert advice, and identify the best ways to support you throughout your project. This is where the magic starts.

Step 3. Add As You Go

We’re all about flexibility, so you have the power to reserve hourly support for as long as you need it. No matter the size or duration of your project, we will tailor the design package to fit your needs. You’re in the driver’s seat, and we’re here for you at every turn.

Why Our Clients Love It

Photography Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

We know you have exceptional style and only want the best. In fact, many of our clients are that go-to friend for style advice and have mad leadership skills to manage their home projects. With Designer on Demand, you’ll have the control and flexibility to bring your vision to life, while still benefiting from the wisdom of experienced designers who understand the importance of creating a high-end, livable home.

With Designer on Demand, you’ll get to…

  • Maintain full control over the progress and direction of your project
  • Feel confident in your style choices, color selections, and sizing decisions
  • Receive guidance on where to invest and where to save for the best results
  • Create a home that authentically reflects your personal style, not ours
  • Get quick and experienced solutions to mid-project challenges
  • Work with us remotely from anywhere in the U.S., ensuring convenience and accessibility
  • Take proud ownership of your home’s finished design

Need more design support? We’ve got you covered. There’s no time threshold, so whether you need a quick consult or extensive assistance, our team is here to make your design journey smooth and successful, no matter where you live (thanks, Zoom).

Local to the Bay Area? We now offer in-person services in most cities!


Coddington-bay-area-white-fresh-transitional-heirloom-table-millwork-marble-stone-fireplace-living-room-aqua-sofaPhotography Credit: Vivian Johnson Photograph

Design Your Way

Whether you’re currently surrounded by sawdust, stuck on choosing a faucet, grappling with defining your style, or simply have burning questions about space planning, we’re here for you. Our experienced team is ready to provide top-notch design services and offer personalized advice tailored to you. When you’re ready, you know where to find us.



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