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Designing with Nature: Plants and Interiors

We all have that friend with the half-dead aloe plant withering away on their kitchen windowsill.  Besides bringing your spirits down, a random, untended, or misplaced plant can distract and deter from a well designed room.  The good news is plants should not be banned from a design plan and bringing a little bit of nature into a space can introduce a fantastic energy into a room.  Indoor plants and foliage can soften a room and deliver an organic element within a strategically designed space.  Besides the type of plant, the vessel in which it’s kept is the key to turning plants into well incorporated design choices.  Here are a few inspirational designs we found that include plants as components.  


plants 2

plants 3

plants 4

The textures and materials for containers are a world unto themselves.  Concrete, ceramic, teak, limestone, and terrariums are just a few of your options for housing a plant within your existing design. Choosing the right fit depends upon the surrounding accessories, the colors and prints of the walls and the fabrics, and also the type of plant itself.  Succulents, cacti, and air plants tend be more self contained and offer a dash of natural energy while ferns, palms, and larger leaf plants make bold statements in creative containers.  Go big and leafy or subtle and succulent either way there’s a stylish place for plants in a beautifully designed home.

arteriors metal ring vase

Affleck Rectangular Vase

march optic dish

Centro Mesa Optic Dish

the citizentry adia planter

Adia Planter

march concrete vase

Concrete Vase

teak boat planter

Teak Boat Planter

rh terrariums

Faceted Glass Terrarium

nickey kehoe bud vases

Japanese Ceramic Bud Vases

nickey kehoe limestone planterLimestone Square Planter


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