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An Evolution of Style as a San Francisco Interior Designer

Since beginning my journey as an interior designer in the Bay Area over 20 years ago, my style has naturally evolved. While there are some design choices I definitely wouldn’t make again, I look back at my early beginnings and find certain elements that continue to shape my designs today. Let’s take a walk down memory lane… 

2005: Humble Beginnings

My debut in the Bay Area design scene kicked off with a San Francisco Decorator Showcase bedroom. What started as a bid for the smallest room turned into me being awarded a spacious guest bedroom. I poured all of my energy into that space and decorated it in what I thought was a very sophisticated style. 

Crafting a custom headboard and bedding, selecting Murano glass sconces, and curating original art occupied so much of my time. Even the curtains had a personal touch, featuring a fabric of my own design (that just so happened to perfectly complement the outdoor surroundings).

Proudly presenting my finished masterpiece, I anticipated a flood of inquiries. Reality check: I landed two jobs, both for little girls’ bedrooms. Guess I wasn’t quite as sophisticated as I thought I was…


2006: The Sofa that Didn’t Fit 

This earthy modern living room I designed for a client featured a custom curved sofa. In fact, it was SO custom that it was partially made in their space. Not exactly by choice. After realizing there was no way we could fit the sofa in the elevator, it had to be taken apart and sewn back together in the room. True story.

Lesson learned: Measure your furniture, doorways, AND the elevator before deciding on a piece. Then measure them all again.


2008: Designs in Signature Blue 

Next up, a showcase room I designed in my signature blue color palette. My style was much more traditional this time around… I might have even called it timeless. Newsflash: There is no such thing as timeless design. Now, I know better. I focus on designing spaces that reflect my client’s personality, style, and lifestyle.


2009-2010: Girly Modern 

Recognized as a designer to watch by House Beautiful and dubbed a “girly modern rebel” by the San Francisco Chronicle, I embraced the image of my designs and launched “Girly Modern,” my very first blog. While the blog was a passion project, let’s just say it wasn’t exactly what you’d call business savvy. Case in point: Our top-performing post revolved around the Olsen twins.


2018: My Pink Phase 

Ahh… my pink phase of design, a time when nothing was off-limits. From furniture to walls, pink was infused in creative ways. While my love for bold colors remains in my current designs, I’ve evolved to incorporate them in more strategic ways. My goal? Accentuate spaces, not overwhelm them.


2024: California Modern 

Over the years, my design style has evolved from more traditional to what I now proudly label as California Modern. Although I know this aesthetic will continue to morph over time, the hallmarks have stayed consistent:

  • Soothing colors inspired by nature
  • Charming vintage accents
  • Modern artwork
  • Custom upholstery and bedding with exquisite fabrics

As a designer, I’ve embraced these many lessons along the way, continually refining my signature style. Today, I approach design with a bolder attitude, unafraid to take risks and more confident in my choices. What will the next 5, 10, or 15 years bring? Who can say?


Are you ready to transform your home to reflect the evolution of your personal style? When you’re ready, you know where to find us.



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