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Happy Holidays from Coddington Design


Happy Holidays! We’ve reached the end of 2021, and I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty good about it. It was a year full of highs and lows (and I’m frankly a little happy to have it behind us), but it has transformed Coddington Design in the best way. For us and for our clients.

This year, we had to navigate unprecedented shipping delays, backorders, and discontinued products. We had to adapt to the new “normal” of working from home. We even had to get creative with ways to offer virtual design at the same quality level as our in-person, full-service offerings. 

These situations, though difficult at the outset, were really opportunities to step up and become better versions of ourselves… and I have to say, we nailed it. Our wins from the year?

  • We helped many of our clients finally move into their newly designed homes. 
  • We started several large-scale design projects that we can’t wait to finish next year (and share with you). 
  • Our Design Consultation Service, conducted virtually, is successfully helping clients create beautiful, supportive homes nationwide. 

I genuinely couldn’t be prouder of the Coddington Design team for making this all happen. So, today, let’s coax them out from behind their desks, and hear their highs, lows, and (because why not?) get their favorite holiday drink recipes. 😉


Dana, Design Director

High from the year: My family moved into a larger home this year, and I got to see my daughter start preschool. 

Most looking forward to in 2022: I’m most looking forward to the furniture finally arriving for my new home. I ordered it 6 months ago! I’m also excited to see how 2022 will be for Coddington Design as we grow and evolve as a company. 

Favorite holiday beverage: I’m a cozy fireplace person during the holidays, so anything warm. Mulled wine is my favorite, but I won’t say no to hot chocolate spiked with Peppermint Schnapps! 


Taylor, Senior Designer

High from the year: Our Company retreat. It was great being able to spend time with my co-workers and bond as a team.

Most looking forward to in 2022: I want to continue to learn and grow as a designer and company.  I am always excited to start new projects because of all the possibilities I can imagine. Of course, time, budget, and construction are important, but imagining is the fun part.

Favorite holiday beverage: Reposado (neat) with a lime…. any time of the year

Melinda, Project Manager & Designer

High from the year: This year, I’ve been going through the never-ending process of building a new home (not unlike some of our clients), and it was a huge high to see the foundation poured and watch the framing go up on my daughter’s birthday. Especially after loads of weather and raw material delays, it was a relief to see visible progress!

Most looking forward to in 2022: I’m really looking forward to having all three of my kids vaccinated. It will also be nice to see our home finished in 2022, but only time will tell.

Favorite holiday beverage: Nothing beats a Brandy Old Fashioned.

Lisa, Design Assistant

High from the year:  Getting hired at Coddington Design! Also, being able to hug friends and family members again. 

Most looking forward to in 2022: Finally traveling again and taking a real vacation somewhere, anywhere!

Favorite holiday beverage: Classic Gin Martini 

Melanie, Owner & Founder

High from the year: In addition to setting and achieving some awesome professional goals, the highlight of 2021 was sending my son back to in-person school. He was thrilled to see all his buddies… and probably really happy that I’m no longer trying to be his teacher.

Most looking forward to in 2022: Travelling to Costa Rica in the spring with my wife and 7-year-old son. We should all be vaccinated by then!

Favorite holiday beverage: CANN social tonic in Cranberry Sage. If we could get our feisty in-laws and relatives to drink this instead of alcohol, the holidays would be a lot more chill. Bonus points for being queer-owned and no hangovers!


Last but not least, let’s raise a glass to you and all you have accomplished and survived this year. If you’ve been following along with us for any amount of time, I’m confident that you are inspiring those around you, doing your best (even if you think otherwise), and worthy of celebrating. 

Here’s to you.




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