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Meet Your Designer – Taylor Tanimoto

Interior design is highly personal – as your designer, we know where and how you eat, sleep, shower, and live. This is all essential for us to know, so that we can create the best possible space that works for you. So this week, we’re flipping the script and getting intimate with one of our incredibly personable, honest, and talented designers, Taylor!

Taylor has been with Coddington Design since its inception in 2005. She received her second bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. After establishing herself in SF with Melanie and Coddington Design, she moved to Los Angeles to start her family and took Coddington Design with her, expanding our project list across the state to sunny Southern California. As a mom of two young daughters, Taylor is exceptionally astute at designing for busy families and working moms. Let’s get to know Taylor, the good AND the embarrassing!

How did you know that being an interior designer was for you?

When I was a little kid, I would rearrange my room all the time and even draw out floor plans. Even now as an adult, whenever I stay in a hotel room, I will move things around or call the front desk to bring up another lamp. There is an indescribable joy that I get from altering my environment and changing things around.

What is the biggest challenge for you as an interior designer?

Managing stress, both my own and my clients! One of my favorite mottos is “sofas don’t kill.” It’s a reminder that we are incredibly privileged to do what we do, and to have the means to create a home that we love. Whenever I or my clients begin to take things too seriously, I like to remind everyone how fun the design process is and gain some perspective.

What is the most embarrassing thing in your own home that you would NEVER recommend for a client?

I have a cat patio in our bedroom. It’s not cute. We’re weird cat people. I like all animals and a lot of our clients have pets, but I would never suggest one.

What is the most awesome thing you have in your home that brings you joy?

The Crystal Safe from our 2018 SF Decorator’s Showcase Rose Lounge. It makes me very happy every time I see it. It’s so beautiful and frivolous. It’s totally extravagant. But I love it. My children know they are not allowed to touch it.

Another thing that brings me joy are these Lego storage baskets that have a built-in playmat, so that you can dump the Legos right back into the baskets. If you have Lego’s in your house, you know exactly why this is awesome.

What is a design blunder you’re guilty of that still makes you cringe?

The custom, curved sofa that didn’t fit in the client’s service elevator or up the stairs. The upholsterer had to cut it in half, bring both pieces up, and reupholster it inside the house. I will never make that mistake again.

What is the strangest/most awesome thing you have designed for someone?

A mid-century modern treehouse. I hear the kids don’t actually play in it, but the parents love looking at it!

What do you wish your clients knew about design?

Your taste changes. Clients ask all the time, “Is this trendy, do you think it will go out of style?” And I just want to tell you, right now, here on the blog, that if you like it, you should get it.

It’s unlikely that you are going to love a piece of furniture forever – that is expected and totally okay. Allow a couple of things in your home to be family heirlooms, but most items will have a shelf life of 5-10 years. It’s an investment in your overall state of mind, your family life, how you want your home to feel.

What do you wish your clients knew about you?

My family comes first. I am an honest person. I value people being real and honest.

Thanks, Taylor, for being real and honest, and sharing your design joys and truths with us!


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