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Palo Alto Interior Designers

We are experienced designers who partner with you to create your dream home. We are sticklers for detail, organized and professional, but we like to have fun with you along the way. We take the time to get to know you, your quirks, and how you really use your space. Our clients return to us, room after room, home after home, because we are obsessed with making sure they are happy with the final design. You can find our work in HGTV, House Beautiful, San Francisco and  Napa Showcase houses, among others.

Combining your ideas and your tastes to reflect your lifestyle is a skill. It can create a great impression when people walk into your home. What really makes your house into a home? It is the design. Let a Palo Alto interior designer add the professional touch to make your ideas come to life.

At Coddington Design, we offer a wide array of services for you, providing comprehensive design comforts that will transform your home or commercial space. There is nothing we cannot do for you. The best part about working with Palo Alto interior decorators is that we work right alongside you. Your ideas and your lifestyle are our inspiration, and we use our professional design skills to enhance the look you are trying to achieve.

Palo Alto Interior Design

Palo Alto interior design services from Coddington Design are unique to you. Perfectly tailored to your preferences and your budget, it does not matter if we are starting from scratch or re-working your rooms to give you the ideal effects and influences you may not have considered.

Our Palo Alto interior design company will work with you choosing just the right colors and pieces to revolutionize your space. To make each project a success, we make each project personal.

We offer you everything from small-scale consultation services to complete home makeovers. It is all up to you, so take a look at what Palo Alto interior decorators can do to make your dreams into a reality.

Our team of experts will sit down with you to discover what you are looking to achieve. Then, together, we let the ideas flow. We work with you to conceptualize your ideas and figure out how they can be best represented in your home. Everything starts with a core idea, and we will help you to identify that.

Our Palo Alto interior design services include residential remodeling. Whether it is for a new home you have purchased, or you are thinking of adding onto your present home, we can help you plan a project that fits your budget and preferred timescale.

Palo Alto Commercial Designers

We also offer full-service commercial design. A Palo Alto designer will work with some of today’s most innovative entrepreneurs to make your business dreams a reality. Not only will you see functional design, but our experts also offer you the latest in style. These designs will be everything you need to give your business the visionary flair you have been looking for.

Going the Extra Mile with Palo Alto Interior Designers

Whether you are looking for a whole-house re-design or just a change of seasons, our Palo Alto interior designers here at Coddington Design are here for you. We know which materials, fixtures, and finishes are available to complement your home. We will bring out the best in every room. Our experts will work with you to choose cabinetry designs, tile, countertops, appliances, flooring, and much more. We will keep an eye on your budget while simultaneously bringing a whole new translation to your interior spaces.

Palo Alto interior design does not stop there. Sometimes one of the most difficult things can be choosing colors. Our experts have the trained eyes to know which combinations work together and how. They will soon have you on your way to today’s most innovative color designs for your home.

One of the areas that our Palo Alto interior designers can help you with is planning your spaces. They will show you designs that maximize the space in your room, all the while easing traffic flow, and making use of either tried-and-tested or innovative layouts that will bring balance and harmony to your home.

Our Palo Alto interior designers can also introduce you to today’s most innovative lighting solutions. With newer LEDs, and energy-efficient lighting designs, our experts will introduce the most cordial and delightful lighting plans for every corner of your home.

A good home or commercial re-design would not be worth it without knowing all about your material particulars. A Palo Alto interior designer will guide you to items in your home which get the most use. They will lead you the process so that you see how changes now can pay off later.

Get in touch with a Palo Alto Designer Now

What are you waiting for? Tell us your ideas, give us your desires for your next home or commercial makeover. We handle it all, from working with what you have now, to starting completely from scratch and watching the magic take place before your eyes.

So, whether you are looking for a residential remodel, a commercial launch, or a room or two re-done for the seasons, there is a Palo Alto interior designer waiting for you. Bring in the experts for the best in beauty and style.

Our Palo Alto interior decorators at Coddington Design have helped so many clients already. We are familiar with the trendy look of San Francisco style, to Oakland Hills modern, or Castro Victorian. We can do glam with a view to chic. If you want to recreate a favorite ambiance, or you have a style and a look that is completely yours, let us show you how to make it a reality in your home or business. Contact us today to learn more.


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