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Roundup of Eye-Catching Pendants, Sconces & Chandeliers

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching pendant, an enchanting chandelier, or a pair of modern sconces, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re sharing some serious eye candy and revealing our best tips for selecting and installing lighting in your home. Spoiler: You’re going to want to save this one.

Chandeliers to Suit Any Occasions

When: Have a space in your home that’s craving personality and drama? A chandelier is the answer. With designs ranging from elegant to contemporary and everything in between, it’s easy to find an option that’s right for you. 

Where: Chandeliers are versatile in nature, making them perfect for illuminating entryways, setting an ambiance in living rooms, or creating a focal point above a dining room table or nook.

How: The general rule of thumb for overall hanging length is about 30”-34” over a table for areas with 8-foot ceilings. Then, add 3 inches for every foot above 8 feet. Consider the scale of the lighting, too. Something too small or too large for your space will make it look unbalanced and out of proportion.

  1. Moon Orchid Cascading Chandelier: This incandescent waterfall of sculpted, hand-blown crystal pendants is ideal for elegant entryways and intimate spaces.
  2. Fuse’s Vail 6 Chandelier: Looking for an elevated take on industrial-style lighting? This clean-lined, 6-bulb fixture is waiting for you.
  3. Apparatus Trapeze: Inspired by molecular geometry, the Trapeze chandelier uses linear art and spheres to create a moment that captivates.
  4. Lucca Chandelier: Handmade by legacy artisans in Florence, the Orphan Work chandelier is a gorgeous canopy-style light with beautifully brushed brass that effortlessly drapes from the ceiling.
  5. Georgina White Sorbus: Each enchanting piece is a one-of-a-kind light fixture inspired by nature and shaped with natural tree branches. Amazing.

Pendants that Set the Mood

When: Focused, moody, and full of opportunity, pendant lighting offers a singular bulb design that can be utilized in myriad ways.

Where: Arrange several installments above the kitchen island for a glowing effect, or create a relaxing hotel-like atmosphere by installing a single pendant above a freestanding bathtub or bedside table. The options are endless.

How: Always measure first! It’s best to determine how many pendants you need based on the size of your space. Pendants should be spaced 30”-32” apart for the medium to large sizes, while smaller pendants look optimal spaced 18”-24” apart.

  1. Apollinaire Pendant: Sleek, sexy, and chic. This hand-polished brass pendant featuring a unique crystal shade is a stunning addition to any stylish home. Yup…that includes yours.
  2. Rock Crystal Hanging Bowl: Crafted with recycled glass crystal, this CL Sterling & Son creation is a sparkling light that would shine brightly in a foyer or primary bedroom. 
  3. HH pulley pendant: This balanced pendant is a handmade beauty designed with a medium amber bronze patina. It’s dimmable and adjustable for a flexible and timeless lighting option.
  4. Allied Maker Well Pendant: Mixing finishes in your space creates a custom feel, and with a timeless combination of smoked glass, genuine leather, and dramatic brass, the Well Pendant fits the bill.
  5. Articolo Moni: Designed to complement the monochromatic palette, the Moni Pendant features a soft arched shade to infuse elegance and illuminate beautiful spaces. 

Sconces for Ambiance

When: Often misunderstood, sconces don’t always get the love they deserve. It’s time to change that trend once and for all. We’ve seen their ability to add character, set a mood, and infuse style into a home. Now, it’s your turn.

Where: Ideal for lighting bathrooms, bedside tables, hallways, shelves, and stairways, sconces pack a range of personality: decorative and bright or demure and moody. We don’t like to pick favorites, but sconces are high on our list of must-have light fixtures…especially the ones below.

How: When you install a sconce, it’s essential to ensure it’s at an appropriate height. The standard is 65”-70” from the floor or 16”-18” from the seat height of the sofa or chair.

  1. Nyhaven Double: We like to refer to this sconce as a chameleon. Why? The seamless style can fit homes from modern to traditional. Added bonus? You can choose from various colors and finishing options to create a cohesive vibe within your home. 
  2. Brassica Sconce: Ultra-modern, sleek, and low profile? We’re in. Kelly Wearstler designed this sconce to shine light vertically, making it an ideal choice for illuminating a hallway or living area. 
  3. Aureol Wall Light: If you’re looking for a way to soften your space, this is it. The Aureol sconce features gilded blush, marble discs, beautiful bronze details, and a textured shade available in several soothing colors. Yes, please.
  4. Beach Pebble Wall Light: In this sconce, texture is everything. Striking glass, a carved oak cap, and beautiful raw wood effortlessly combine to create a warm, modern addition to your home.
  5. 5. Welles Glass Single Wall Sconce: Embellish your walls and turn heads with this jewel-inspired sconce. Available in various glass finishes to complement your personal style. Unsure what your style is? We have a style quiz for that.

Which light caught your eye? Was it the elegantly draped chandelier or the sleek and modern sconce? Or maybe you can’t decide? That’s what we’re here for. Reach out to schedule a complimentary discovery call, and let’s brighten things up.




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