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Sherman Oaks Interior Designers

We are experienced designers who partner with you to create your dream home. We are sticklers for detail, organized and professional, but we like to have fun with you along the way. We take the time to get to know you, your quirks, and how you really use your space. Our clients return to us, room after room, home after home, because we are obsessed with making sure they are happy with the final design. You can find our work in HGTV, House Beautiful, San Francisco and Napa Showcase houses, among others.

Your house will feel like a home when you surround yourself with a luxurious design or re-design. Let a Sherman Oaks interior designer at Coddington Design help. If you are looking to bring a fresh new look into your life through your home, we provide comprehensive luxury design services. Fit for a king or queen, these solutions will also fit your budget.

We work alongside you from first consultation to putting on the finishing touches, and we are there to answer every question and concern you have. We know every interior design is different. Some clients prefer to tackle a single room; others are looking for an entire house makeover.

At Coddington Design, We have the expertise to guide you to your Sherman Oaks interior design dreams, whatever you are looking to achieve. Every project is unique. It does not matter if you are looking to start fresh with a blank slate or use your heirloom pieces to redesign and rejuvenate your interior spaces.

Sherman Oaks Commercial and Interior Decorating

Our services include both residential and commercial interior decorating. There are immeasurable possibilities waiting for you on your journey to new beginnings with Sherman Oaks interior decorators. Interior design is what makes your house a home. Our top-quality interior designers can transform your business space to improve morale, productivity, and the customer experience.

We realize that our success is based on your ideas and inspirations. We do not want to have it any other way. Our experienced Sherman Oaks interior designers will walk you through all of the diverse ways you can transform your living space. From discussing quality materials, talking about the newest interior design trends, and understanding how each room has a function all its own, you will be well on your way to seeing your design dreams come true.

Our Sherman Oaks interior decorators at Coddington Design will handle it all; from your first ideas and concepts through to how everything will look when it will be completed.

There are different ways to approach interior design; it does not matter if you have purchased a new home or are merely looking to add on to your existing home, we have the expertise and project management experience to get you going on time, and to see the project through on budget.

For all of your commercial designs, we work with some of today’s most innovative entrepreneurs to give you not only functional and trendy layouts, but stylish office and other commercial spaces that will take your business to unimaginable heights. There is nothing like a Sherman Oaks interior designer to help you bring in business and help your company step to the head of the design line.

Coddington Design’s Sherman Oaks Interior Design Services

One of our Sherman Oaks interior designers will begin with your personal touch. You know best what look you are trying to achieve. Often, you will have one idea that stands out to everyone and this is where we focus our attention. The result can be that, with your consent, we transform your surroundings in new ways. Our experienced designers will work with you to define your ideas and target what the scope of your project will be all about.

We offer kitchen and bath designs that move with the times. Because materials and finishes seem to be constantly changing, we bring you our best recommendations. We will guide you through the items that are most important to your redesign; things like tile, countertops, flooring, appliances, and the best fixtures and finishes for your one-of-a-kind redesign.

Perhaps you are looking to change the look of your space for the seasons, just as you do your wardrobe. We can point you to the custom or semi-custom styles that will have your home looking like a designer showplace. We can do this because we work closely with every client, listening to carefully to all goals, desires, and concerns.

Expect more from your Sherman Oaks Interior Designers

Among the most important aspects of any residential or commercial Sherman Oaks interior design are lighting and color. With today’s new LEDs and energy-efficient designs, we can quickly show you how lighting can be both functional and stylish, pleasing to any eye.

Choosing color can sometimes be more difficult than you first thought. Let our Sherman Oaks interior decorators reveal the perfect color combinations for your interior spaces. Final color selection often goes best with the help of trained experts. We will show you which colors blend perfectly for the look you desire.

We know how good interior designs come together at Coddington Designs. Our interior decorators are ready to help you with anything from a seasonal touch-up to a whole house re-design, from working from scratch to transforming your commercial spaces. We know style and functionality that will get you noticed.

You decide what you love in your home or business. Then let us help you get there. Our team of experts will help you realize your unique vision for your interior spaces.

Our Sherman Oaks interior decorators will take your home or commercial space from unadorned to extraordinary in no time at all. If you have a perfect vision of what your space can become, the interior designers at Coddington Design can make it happen. Contact us today to learn more.

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