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A Look Behind & Ahead: Challenges, Wins & Wishlists

As someone who believes in personal evolution and becoming the best version of myself, I am always pushing forward. How can I be a better leader? What can we do better for our clients? How can we grow, not for the sake of growth, but in more powerful and impactful ways?

These questions occupy my thoughts throughout each month, but they are especially loud when a new year approaches. However, as I approach my 18th year of business, I have also learned the power of pausing and reflecting.

When I reflect on how far I have come — how far we have come — it is impossible not to feel gratitude and warmth. On a day to day basis, I tend to feel ambitious, driven, and at times, hard on myself. (Can you relate?) But in hindsight, I always look at those younger versions of myself with more patience, understanding, and compassion. And I know that my future self will look back at this moment right now and feel the same way. That sure takes the pressure off, don’t you think?

For me, reflection is grounding as a leader and keeps our design firm human and ego-free — which, of course, results in more rewarding results for us and our clients. Like last year, I figured, why not bring you along?

Here’s where we’ve been in 2022 and where we’re going in 2023…

San Francisco Project | Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

The Challenges that Made Us Stronger in 2022

Lead Times: Nothing good comes easy, right? After two years, we are still working through the long lead times that started in 2020. For some furnishings, we are still seeing up to a year’s wait time. Rough. To combat this challenge, we’ve worked hard to unearth the highest quality vendors with the most reasonable lead times. (Note: Some things, like appliances and custom furnishings, are always worth the wait.)

Growing Our Team: No matter what type of business you’re running, hiring is always a challenge. Finding talented team members is one thing, but we also look for people who share our values of diversity, collaboration, transparency, and creativity. Thankfully, our design team has grown to include several talented women who fit right in and stand out! This has allowed us to serve our clients in deeper, more impactful ways, such as…

Expanding Services: 2022 was the year we really came to terms with what makes us special in the industry — we let our clients lead, if they want to. Although we do offer Full Service Design, you don’t have to hand over creative control to work with us. Our new Designer on Demand service lets you get as much, or as little, of our expert support as you need with your project. The perfect way to work with a designer who gets you, but without the long-term commitment.

Celebrating Personal Wins from the Year

Melanie: Weight lifting! I’ve been working with a personal trainer twice weekly since April, and I am so much stronger than when I started. As I navigate midlife, it feels great to focus on what my body can do instead of how it looks. Feeling strong and capable has translated into confidence in all other areas of my life, too — I recommend it!

Dana: This year, I have loved watching my kids grow into polite, tiny humans. Their teachers always give us positive feedback about how well-behaved and sweet they are! I can’t help but feel good knowing that my efforts are paying off.

Lexy: 2022 was big for my family. My partner and I are excited to announce that we’re pregnant with our first child! We can’t wait to meet our little one in 2023. I hear it’s life-changing…

Lisa: After a couple years’ hiatus (you know why), I’m finally back to seeing live music as much as possible. By the end of the year, I will have seen 20 live shows in 2022. Maybe I should try for 22?! Just to round it out.

Beach House Project | Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

Coming in 2023

New Projects: As you know, design projects aren’t quick, which is why I’m thrilled to report that some of our projects from 2022 will finally be wrapping up in 2023. From the San Francisco Bay Area to Nantucket, Hawaii to Tahoe, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. We’ll share these on the blog and in our monthly newsletter. Speaking of…

Vision by Coddington: Vision is our brand-new monthly publication (delivered via newsletter), full of design inspiration, craftsmen and products we love, practical tips, and more. Although we launched Vision in 2022, we’re excited to continue its evolution as a go-to resource for those looking to love their homes.

Individual Goals: We believe in work-life balance and supporting our own home goals. From renovations to collecting art to updating bedding, our personal wishlists for 2023 are sure to inspire:

1. Melanie: My wife and I are planning (another) extensive remodel next year. I’d love to include this gorgeous Kangaroo Paw Chandelier by Jocelyn Marsh. It’s elegant yet organic, and brass is always a great way to warm up a space. I’ll be heavily documenting our process, so you can look forward to seeing it in 2023, as well.

2. Lexy: I’ve upgraded several of our homes, from my tiny San Francisco apartment to my first home. Now that we have the perfect spot for new counter stools, I’ve been dreaming of these stunning Zuma Bar Stools. Clean and modern but with some natural curves…they’re perfect.

3. Lisa: I love collecting art. Last year, I bought this piece from Atelier Peter de Boer. It brings me so much stoke when I see it! In 2023, I plan to continue filling my home with inspirational work from artists I admire.

4. Dana: I’m dreaming of beautiful new bedding for 2023. My old sheets have seen two years’ worth of sick kids, parents, and pets — and they have not held up. These Celeste Percale Sheets with beautiful hemstitching are high on my wishlist.

Want to work with us in 2023?

If you’re embarking on a renovation, new build, or home project, we’d love to support you. Whether you’re looking for a done-for-you service, some expert guidance, or a bit of both, we are one of the only design firms who are happy to meet you where you are.

Reach out to us here to share more about your project and see if we’re the right team for you.



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