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Cozy Up With These Modern Bedrooms

We are all feeling the blurriness between home and work these days. It’s really hard- maintaining a sanctuary to retreat to, which is basically the definition of what we want our bedrooms to be… a sanctuary and a retreat. Your Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds are brimming with photos of pristine bedrooms accompanied by (way too many) perfectly karate chopped pillows and sheets folded with military precision. Sure, it photographs nice, but it’s not realistic. We specialize in luxury design built for real humans, families, dogs, quarantining and everything that comes with it. Here’s a look at how we do it, what we like, and how you can get your bedroom to a modern, personal retreat.

Keep it simple. Opt for all white, cream or stone colored bedding. Not everything needs to be matchy-matchy. As long as they’re in the same range it will look great. Add a nice knit throw and done. Don’t forget the pup bed too.

Photo Credit: Matteo

Ready for grown up linens? Natural linen is a beautiful, relaxed and comfortable thing. Breathable and weighted, they feel amazing. Wrinkles are part of their inherent charm. Looking for something more polished? All about the thread count? Check out Frette.

Designer: Emmanuel Simon

Designer: Allied Maker

Designer: Brabbu

Nightstands a nightmare? Ditch the clunky lamps and opt for sconces with a pull chain or switch. Even better if they’re dimmable to keep you from blinding your spouse. Keep it clean with nightstands with drawers or doors to hide the clutter.

Credit: Coddington Design Photographer: Vivian Johnson

Photo Credit: Matteo

Part of the low hassle bedroom is low hassle turndown. Gone are the days of moving 50 pillows to get snuggled in. Simple beds are beautiful, functional and the shortest path to a solid sleep. Our modern bedrooms feature maybe two euros, two sleeping pillows and a long neckroll pillow, no matter what the room style is.

Art neglect is a real thing and usually happens because you aren’t sure what you like “matches” what’s in your room. Or, you and your spouse have vastly different styles. Take our style quiz to sort that out. Find art you love, art that makes you feel at peace and happy. We always recommend local art galleries, but for affordable art that ships anywhere, works well. Make sure to splurge on a great frame.

Our team loves reinventing bedrooms for real families and transforming blah to beautiful. Ready to start your bedroom refresh? Set up your free Discovery Call with Taylor and learn about how we can work together.


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